I'm scared of a vaccination, any ideas on what to do?

Hey guys! I'm a teenager and I've had anxiety for a few years along with depresonalization. I'm really happy I found this website, especially because it will make me feel like I'm not alone. Anyways, I have a doctor's appointment coming up on Monday, and I will be receiving a vaccination. I'm terrified of needles, and I actually passed out during a blood test once, and I'm really really scared that this will happen again. Does anyone have any advice on how to no be so afraid?

Thank you!


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  • How do you feel when you have depersonalization?

  • Occasionally, usually when I'm in a large group of people, I just start feeling like I'm in a dream or I'm not really.. there. It's really hard to explain, I'm not sure it is depersonalization but it's the only explanation I have for what's been happening.

  • I can relate to that... I describe what I have when I experience as like being scared by someone. It feels like I'm stuck in that feeling all day, and it makes me feel like idk what I'm doing . For example I'll be driving and start feeling as if idk how to drive and stuff it's weird.

  • That's kinda what happens to me sometimes. It just feels like I'm stuck in a dream, and I can't think straight. Sometimes I get quick periods of these which only last a few minutes, but sometimes I have really severe once that last several hours. Also when I talk to people and it starts, I feel like I'm going to mess up something I'm saying... It's really weird.

  • Hi, just remember a vaccination takes probably less than 10 seconds. When my daughters had to get them too, I brought a cookbook with beautiful photos of food and they looked at that while getting the needle! You can lie down if you want since you worry of fainting but don't worry it'll be over before you know it.

  • That's really helpful! The cookbook is a good idea, I think I'm just going to close my eyes or bring something to distract me. Thank you!

  • My short advice is to put on your grown up clothes, go in look the other way and just get the vaccination, because you have this message coming from the biggest wooze in the world when comes to needles

    .and you have not said what the vaccination is for, but not getting it could be a big mistake. :)

  • Yeah, I guess I should really just do it. I have to get it anyways and I might as well just go for it, thank you! This helps!

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