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New to the group; tired of feeling scared

Hello everyone,

I just joined the group today, and already reading your blog posts is helping me to feel a bit better.

My anxiety has steadily got worse over the past few years, but has really ramped up in the last six months or so. It's been a pretty stressful time what with family issues and work and living in London. I find that I feel anxious most days, and I tend to get racing thoughts, which I find exhausting. I'd love to be able to switch my mind off. It's a constant struggle. Any advice from you about how you deal with a constant internal dialogue would be really good.

I find anxiety really frightening - I'm quite good at working myself up over it, which I know makes it worse. I suppose I'm still hoping that one day it will just go away, when really I need to accept it's here to stay and work on dealing with it.

I have just been referred for some CBT by my doctor, which I'm feeling hopeful about. Have people here found CBT helpful?

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Hello :-)

It is scary, i find myself scared of it sometimes and let it get the better of me but really its not that scary it wont kill you or hurt you.

I tend to work myself up with it which it loves very much and makes everything 100 times worse. i find a visualisation cd helps so much in calming me, my problem is i dont keep it up, i work on it for a week and feel better and hardly have any anxiety and stop and it comes back to bite me.

i light a lavender yankee candle at night it helps me with my sleep and makes me feel relaxed and calm, not sure if its the candle and smell but i do feel a lot more refreshed in the morning after having it on in my bedroom for half an hour.

I also enjoy a bubble bath, candles, music, it really helps me to relax and when your relaxed you cannot have anxiety, although i find it hard to relax all the time. i LOVE chamomile and jasmine bubble bath it is extremelly relaxing and helps me sleep wonders lol.

I have tried cbt but i doesnt seem to have worked for me, although i think i have other problems and think i didnt find the right therepist who i could talk to fully, im hoping to contact my gp again and see someone new.

I hope it works out for you and helps you somewhat and you feel more at ease soon, it can feel like a constant fight with our own bodies somedays.

Also do you do exercising, it really helps to get rid of anxiety xxx


Thank you for reply, and for your suggestions. I have actually been having trouble sleeping lately, so I'm definitely going to get myself a lavender candle. That's a nice idea.

I hadn't thought about CDs - I'm going to look into those too.

I don't do a lot of strenuous exercise, but I do a lot of walking, and I find being out and about really helps me.

Thank you again for talking :)



You have been given some good advice of which I re-iterate. Certainly buy some visulisation, Being In the Now and Meditation CD's I find them brilliant. Of course, as Michelle says, it has to be practised regularly, not just when you are feeling anxious. You can listen to the CD's on most sites to see if you like their voice.

Try Meditainment.and Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

Good Luck Eunice xx


Hi Yeval

Welcome to the site i am sure you find good advice encouragement and help.

You are not alone feeling this way and we all struggle to come to terms of why we feel this way and how easy if you allow it to ruin your life.

I find help with sleeping reading and doing some brief breathing exercises to relax the body.Having anxiety zaps all your energy and makes you exhausted.

I am seeing a therapist at the moment but at the end of the day we can only break out of the circle ourselves. Its a constant battle each and everyday and i can fully understand and appreciate how you feel.

I have been off from work for months now and just being phased back in but finding this easy one day and like climbling a mountain another day.

I hope you find some peace with yourself and manage to get a good nights sleep surprising how much better you feel in the morning.

I hope you find this site useful keep blogging and i wish you all the best.

You say your in London i am not far from there.


Love Seyi xxx


Hi there,

If cbt doesn't work try nlp. I use it a lot and also meditate to quiet my mind. All of the posts above are correct with dealing with anxiety. You must use mediation/ visualisation for at least21 consecutive days and as a precauction at least once a week or more if you need it. I hope this helps. I used to suffer with it a lot and now it is the odd occasion, but I know I have the tools and confidence to deal with it, and so will you. X


Thanks for all the comments here,im going to look into the meditation and relaxation c.ds,i want to try yoga too but always feel im making a fool of myself lol,might look at an experienced teacher :-)


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