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Bang to the head and now freaking out please anyone


Hi everyone, I just joined earlier tonight. I suffer with severe health anxiety. I was already feeling quite anxious tonight about some other things but now I've went from like 30% to 1000% panic in the matter of minutes.. I was bending down at my wardrobe and as I was standing back up I hit my head on the right side at my forehead just below my hairline which gave me a scare and I kind of stumbled back a few steps and it hurt, anyway being a big worrier I instantly got my husband to put a cold compress onto my forehead, 5 minutes later the red mark was gone, still had the sore head but I had taken pain killers an hour before hand for sore muscles so couldn't take anymore. I'm now half an hour since it happened and I've been frantically googling ever since and found lots of really scary things, so please can someone either advise me if I should go to a&e which I really don't want to but if it's serious obviously I would rather go and not have my kids lose their mum. Anyway I didn't lose consciousness, I've not been sick so far, my head still hurts a bit and my neck slightly, my vision is fine, I'm not dizzy or irritable and I don't even have the slightest mark where I hit my head though that's what's scaring me cos it's making me think the swelling will be going in the way of it hasn't came out.. as you can see I'm terrified and can't seem to calm down. Please any advice. It's 12am here in the UK and I'm scared to go to sleep but my husband has fell asleep now so it's making me worry even more as I'm awake on my own.

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It seems like you have all the minor symptoms of bumping your head. As long as you aren't dizzy, your vision is ok and your eyes aren't dilated, you are fine. I've had 5 concussions and numerous blows to the head. If something was seriously wrong, you would be feeling it by now.

samjam1992 in reply to Doug1847

Yeah my vision and stuff is ok so far, I feel a bit heavy headed but I'm not sure if that's just cos I'm tired or the bang to the head or even my anxiety making me feel like that. Thank you for replying so quickly, I'm just having a tough time trying to get the anxiety back under control and banging my head and Google haven't helped.

Head butting a hard object usually damages the scalp. Sometimes a bang to the head can cause very severe injury, but in most cases it is just some bruising and pain for a short while.

You have done all the correct actions recommended for first aid.

Please consult medical advice or your closest emergency department if you experienced head trauma. If you are unsure what to do, call 000 immediately.

In the first 48 hours…

If you have hit their head, you should report to your local doctor or emergency department if any of the following symptoms occur within the first 48 hours:

◾Persistent vomiting

◾Excessive drowsiness

◾Worsening headache

◾Severe dizziness

◾Unsteady when walking

◾Increasing confusion, restlessness and agitation

◾Slurred speech

◾Convulsion or seizures

If you have anxiety, try the breathing exercise

Calming Breath

1.Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs.

2.Hold your breath to the count of "three."

3.Exhale slowly through pursed lips, while you relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach. | STEP 4: Practice Your Breathing Skills

Everything will be okay. Really.

Any knock or bang or pain to someone with health anxiety takes our anxiety through the roof because we constantly think what if!!!! I've had health anxiety for over 10 years now and it's horrible to live with mine started mainly when I sadly lost my mum to cancer so every ache or pain I get I automatically think I've got it or some terminal illness I too hate feeling like this but I think like anyone else it's probably nothing to worry about but if you want peace of mind to make sure your ok there's no harm in getting checked over just so your sure in yourself...i think you have answered your own questions right you've done the right first aid with your cold compress of you have concussion you will know about it

Love Nat xx take care

Thank you, I stayed awake for ages last night just to be sure and I feel totally fine today other than being tired. Thanks every one. I just can't seem to control it when it gets really bad and all rational thoughts go out my head. Xxx

Agora1 in reply to samjam1992

samjam1992, I'm glad you feeling good today. You're not alone in that all rational thoughts go out of our heads with anxiety. Enjoy today and make it a good one. x

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