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Please help I'm freaking out


I'm up and can't get back to sleep.yesteraday I couldn't get out of bed my chest hurt dizzy felt off. Tonight bad headache again then all of a sudden funny type of pain hits me in my left breast. Finally went to sleep after 11 . Up again with this funny pulling in left part of. Heat feels like it's in chest coming through to my left breast . I am really freaking out. Were I live is no hospital and I dk want to go to dr house 😭What is happening again... I don't want to live in this fear of having heart problems.

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Im having similar issues for months know and ive been talking to differnt people dealing with the same things add me on snapchat :lorenz_cardenas

I dk have snap chat

Ok this is fine

Do you constitly worry about your heart?


Everyone with heart enxeaty is having basicly the same symptions witch is making me belive its 100% enxeaty

It's so weird it just hit me out the blue. Everything I feel I wonder if it's my heart. Been feeling like it's pounding at times and then this pain comes in upper back

I'm trying to download snap chat

Yup it started with one panic attack thinking you where having a heart attack you where just relaxing an boom it felt like your heart skiped a beat and you where super scared

Hardly slept it kept coming back

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