Please help me guys ... i still am confused about my headaches after a ct scan .... still think about tumor or serious issue :( pleasee help

Please help me guys ... i still am confused about my headaches after a ct scan .... still think about tumor or serious issue :( pleasee help

Hello ... i am really terrified by my headaches ... which are constant 24 hours .. even my ct scan came clear i am really worried about the tumor or cancer .. :( please help me guys ... i have nothing any other issue accept headache ... no nasuea no vomit no sezuires or change in personality ... my mood is just off with these headaches ... they are as a curse in my life ... really worried .... they are always on my left back of the head .... they just make me feel terrible .... please what do you guys think .... they are killing me from inside .... pleaseee help pleaseee


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  • Hi Aamiir. Please try not to worry. If you have had a scan then anything at all, tumour etc would most deffo of been picked up. It sounds like you are suffering from severe migraines. I say suffering because my ex had them terrible also like yours. There are various tablets and treatments that can release you from this horrible pain. Ask your doc to help and to refer you to someone at hospital for advice to manage the pain. If you also have any kneck or back problems, sometimes a trapped nerve also can cause this so doctor should listen to your thoughts . Best wishes and hope to you Take care.

  • Can migraines be even at the back of your head too .... and one more thing that after my ct scan i still feel that what he if ct scan would not have shown a tumor .... :( i really fear death

  • Yes , migraines can be everywhere. Kneck shoulders back side and top of your head. I really do think you would feel much more reassured if you explained your anxietys , so that the doctor could reassure you as a brain scan is going to show any abnormalities as that's why they perform them. I am due for one in two weeks for numbness in my face. Please be kind to ur self and get some reassurance for pain and also maybe to discuss anxiety for itself. As my daughter has fear of illness and death anxiety and has been helped

    A lot by cognitive behavioral therapy CBT. She was living in constant dread. You deserve to have a life free of pain and worry so a quick visit to your GP if he's a understanding type, will really help for both. Good luck

  • Ct scan would have showed any abnormalities. My headaches were back of head .frontal. neck. All over. Crazy. Have you been to a chiropractor? Never hurts to see if your neck is out of alignment. Take care.

  • Did you feel sick when it first started?

  • No i was ok playong foot ball and i appeared suddenly

  • It could just be an injury from that then is taking its time healing, but also if your worried and thinking about all the time it’s probably making it worse/giving you a tension headache I don’t . Think it is a tumor either as you would have a lot of symptoms!

  • If you had a ct scan of your brain and nothing untoward turned up you can be absolutely sure you are not going to die. Whether your bad headache is anxiety based or not ut's up to your gp to provide you with pain relief that works so that's the way forward for you. But there's no need to make your headache worse by worrying that you have some terminal illness. You haven't.

  • P.s. it might be worth trying the herbal remedy known as Feverfew,it's been used for hundreds of years for headaches, it's available online if you search for it by name. What's to lose?

  • Lets give it a try

  • It could also be tight muscles in the back of your neck. I used to have head aches a lot and once in a while migraines. I started going to a chiropractor years ago for neck and back pain. She asked me if I get head aches often and I said yes and she said its because the nerves are getting squeezed and the muscles are tight so she did these pushing on the pressure points on my neck and back and the head aches went away. Now I get head aches once in a while. I do have a problem with my neck and I'm not saying you do but it just might be tight muscles from tensing up when you don't even realize your doing it. If you can go to a chiropractor and see what they say. Good luck hope you feel better I know its crap having head aches constantly.

  • Are you guys sure that i dont have a tumor :(

  • I can assure you that after having a Ct scan and your description of your symtom, you DO NOT have a tumor..I was an EMERGENCY DEPT RN who also lost a sister due to a brain tumor. :( 😢 I have seen many patients coming into the emergency department that were diagnosed with brain tumors...your headache and negative CT Scan prove only that you have a headache along with acute anxiety. You need to see a therapist and hopefully get put on an anti anxiety med, at least for a short won't go away until you get a handle on your anxiety about your headache!!!

    Good luck and be proactive. You alone can reach out for help and put a stop to this obsession!!!

  • I am sorry for your sister :( may she be blessed .... i know they told me that you ct scan is clear .... its ok ... and gave me couple of medicines ... but my anxiety is so high i still feel what if they missed the tumor .. and i will die :(

  • It could be your upper trap muscle, I am going through that now where mine is in constant spasm. (getting a cervical injection monday which is giving me anxiety) It runs from back of left side of my neck to my head. Have you tried getting a massage? Its worth a try. Fell better soon.

  • Can the brain aneurysm be also thexause of it ? Does the cat scan show brain aneurysm

  • Ct scan would show both a tumour and an aneurism on the brain, not much point in them giving ct scans if it couldn't spot those elephants in the room.

  • Then what is the cause of my daily headaches :(

  • Please be reassured that ct scan was clear and no other relating symptoms. But instead accept you are suffering migraines and health anxiety. Are you trying to manage your anxiety in any way i.e. Counselling, cbt, meditation etc. Stress and anxiety may well be a trigger for your migraines so I'd suggest addressing your stress/anxiety. Good luck x

  • I had the same thing last year for months. Bad headache and twitching of eye I thought I had a brain tumor. Doctor would not do MRI or ct scan for months. She said it's all in your head. Once I got MRI and scan showing nothing my headaches went away. I had anxiety and didn't realize it because it was new to me. Relax and know you are good. Drink lots of water and go for long walks. Get better😊

  • I forgot to mention It also turned out I had slightly cracked vertebrae which added to headache. Physical therapy fixed me up. Get MRI.

  • Hi I've had server headaches for years had scans, everything came bk clear I'm 68 now & still have them docs say thay are due to my anxiety disorder, go & have a chat with your doc see ifhe can give you something.

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