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I have never posted in a forum before but I have frequented these forums throughout the last 2 years after finding myself suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. Initially, I was very stressed which brought about a series of panic attacks. I even called 911 after the first convinced I was having a stroke as my children slept in the next room. After 3 trips to 3 ER I was still not convinced it was "anxiety ." I experienced ALL symptoms : heart palpitations, sweating, shaking, muscle tension, dizziness, etc. The dizziness was by far the worst. As a single mom, I be became so riddled with fear that even preparing meals became difficult. I have always been an over achiever, type A and suddenly I felt infantile. I'm a teacher and felt panic every day. Here's what I can tell all of you. You must trust science. Everyone is wired to experience anxiety. Everyone has felt anxiety. The reason some people aren't consumed is because they don't think about it and REACT to it so much that it becomes habitual. There is no magic pill. Get plenty sleep, spend time socializing, maybe get council or join a group. The key is facing whatever makes you nervous everyday. It sucks, I know. I couldn't grocery shop without getting so dizzy I had to hold the cart. It went on for months. I couldn't step foot on school grounds without feeling dizzy and as though I couldn't breathe. But I did it anyway. I had a number of set backs where I thought I was at square 1. Hang in there. I'm not 100% all day everyday but in time I can do all t he things that I used to often without thinking about "anxiety." You'll be okay in time.


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  • Hell Suzanne.....thank you for sharing your journey.....I do believe there should be some time for "silent" bells and whistles when someone like you takes it one day at a time and finally there is a manageable and happy life, less anxious life emerging. Wish there was a way we could send you all our smiles, and I do wish you continued success. :)

  • Hi Suzanne1217, you may not have posted before but I can tell you were absorbing all you were reading for the last 2 years. You did all the right things, step by step. Understanding and accepting anxiety for what it is will always send you in the right direction. None of us are really 100% in being free..You've come a long way on your own and now can pass it forward. My best x

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I am a college student who used to be a social butterfly. Now I spend a lot of my days in fear, worrying about if I will ever be back to the old me that my friends and family know and love. It's good to hear how others have overcome the struggles of anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you for posting this.

  • You are more than welcomed.Thank you for your response.

  • Hi, I actually teach college and I can assure you that many young people have similar experiences. My best advice is to literally face your fear everyday. No avoidance. A year ago I couldn't even sit inside my kids' school for 15 to pick them up I had to wait outside bc I'd shake. I had panic attacks while teaching and the room would spin. I thought I was going to wind up in the mental hospital for sure. I promise you, it will take time but you have to spend less time thinking about it, researching, etc. I read a few good books. I watched youtube videos about acceptance theory. I started yoga on youtube too. Excercise and sleep. I have the occasional bad day but I don't react with fear, I tell myself it's just a day and I permit myself to nap, veg out, etc. It took 2 years but now I can do everything I did before. I am in my kids' school volunteering again, grocery shop without dizzy spells. Remember, something like 1 in 10 people will suffer from anxiety on their life. You will get thru this.

  • suzanne1217, how enlightening to read your response. Such good advice. As much as we may hear others doing the same thing and succeeding, it's always that one more time of hearing it that may make a difference in someone's life.

    If we take away one thought from your response, it is that we may have the occasional bad day, but we no longer react with fear. That's the key, the answer to anxiety. Thanks for sharing and have a good day!

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