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Guess what! I'm gonna get better! Hopefully.. what's your opinion

Hi guys :)

I'm going to start doing CBT, I was wondering how many of you have done it and has it helped??

I'm worried, like, I'm thinking "what if i go to CBT classes and it doesn't help?" Have any of you thought the same?

I'm really happy and excited for this, because I do not want to live with this monster my whole life..

I want to be free..

I have a long life to live & I'm not giving up.

What do you guys think? Please tell me all you know and your experiences with CBT.

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I have had CBT and found it really helpful, when I had my first appointment I thought like you, will it work? what if it doesn't? etc etc.

I was glad I stuck with it as it helped me loads, it was not a magic wand and I still get anxious at times but no where near as bad I am glad to say.

Let us know how you get on?

gardenertwo x


I will let u guys know :)


HI Vic xx I am halfway through my cbt and like Gardener says at first i thought no this may not work ? what is my next option if not? BUt i am now around 13 sessions into it, once a week for an hour and I must say for all it started badly and had its faults I can see the light at the end of the tunnel x We talk about a whole range of things mainly what has made me feel so anxious in the first place, which seemed a little bit well a waste of time to be honest at first but now i can see its the little things that make a person and how that person reacts to situations x So now instead of thinking in negative way with things I can challenge that thinking and turn it into a positive which makes me feel calmer x It will like most things only work if you truly out in what you need to get out xx Donver xx


How often do you feel anxious compared to how much you used to?


Sorry just seen this x I have gone from the normal all day to some days 2-3 some days not at all xx


Hi Vic.

My CBT was in group session called talking matters. I was very sceptical at first but after the second session I actually felt better and more aware of how anxiety was affecting me. I hope yours goes well.


Do you feel better than you used to?


I went to CBT and wondered if it would do any good.

It took a while for 'it' to click in my mind but once it did I found that it helped me enormously.

I used to wake up in an anxious state and feel anxious most of the day. Couldn't go into the local supermarket or into town, ( I live in a very small town). My mind was never still always thoughts racing around inside.

Am pleased to say the the CBT and other support, especially on here, helped me get through.

I am not saying I don't get anxious now but I go to the supermarket on my own, into town and stuff I never thought I would be able to do again.

So keep with it and I am sure that it will help you. Love Julie xx


Hi,I did nearly a year of cbt,and I would highly recommend it,I wasan't leaving the house,I was afraid of falling ,Iwas anxious,and I was so miserable,after three weeks,I was walking out on my own,was thinking more positive,and felt happier....we just talked over my fears, and he said to me ,what is the worst that can happen to you,if you go out.?Itold him Iwas afraid of falling,he give me baby steps of homework to I can walk to the shop,buy stuff and walk home,I still get anxious,but its not panic attacks,this is a big step for me,its hard the first time,but gets easier each time I do it,I wouldn't say I'm better,but i've come a long way,and understand anxiety more,you go for it, but you do have to make the effort yourself,there is no magic wand, but stick with it,I am 80% better compared to what Iwas before cbt, let us know how your getting Miarose xxxxx



I was really sceptical about cbt but it has helped me with my phobias. I think you have to have and open mind and be in the right place mentally for any therapy, which it sounds like you are.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Jules x


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