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Anxiety and scary thoughts

I was fine for a bit, I feel okay everyday I didn't feel that doom I always feel and I could actually look at the future and get excited. But yesterday, I've been remembering my dreams and they've been really weird and vivid.

My dizziness was gone for a few days but it started coming back tonight and I am scared to sleep my body feels so weird when I try to relax.

All I want is to finally have a good day because it is my birthday.

But I just feel so off and anxious, but it's different than what I felt before I feel like I don't know how to calm myself down and I'm scared something is wrong and I'm dying.

I just want to be able to sleep tonight it's already almost 2am and I wok in the morning

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Happy Birthday nicolen! Wishing you peace and calm today and in the coming year. Make it a great day. x

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Thank you so much! I am trying x

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Can I ask what is it about your dreams that feels weird or different to normal dreams? I have a strange feeling that is connected with my dreams and memories and I'm wondering if it's anything like this.


It's so hard to explain they're almost like nightmares, I have a lot of sleep paralysis it happens a few times a week. Sometimes I also can't tell if something I remember was a dream or if it was real. And then I start having an anxiety attack.

What is happening with you?


I used to frequently get sleep paralysis with hypnogogic hallucinations but haven't for years.

What I'm experiencing now is that I will have weird memories come into my head of what I think must be dreams but they feel confusingly real. I only know it must be a dream because there are details in the memory that can't be real. For example going to a shipping centre that is nearly identical to the one I live near but it has stores there that don't actually exist so I know it must be a memory of a dream. I also often dream (usually about situations from the past ) and in the dream I will have an awful feeling of doom and sadness and when I wake up the feeling will be unshakeable and I'll keep thinking about the dream and can't shake the feelings . The dream won't be a nightmare. The situation in the dream is normally a happy one but in the dream I am overwhelmed with this terrible feeling. Really weird


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