Meeting my anxiety head on

Ok, so I have had IBS for 13 years now and have battled emetophobia for as long as I can remember culminating in anxiety and panic attacks. As a result of this I have spent most of my life avoiding things that trigger either of these conditions and therefore feel I have missed out on lots of experiences. 3 and a half years ago I met my partner and we talked lots about travelling the world, something I have always dreamed of doing but the IBS and emetophobia have stopped me. Well, no more! We leave on our year long round the world adventure in 1 week!! I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried - truth be told I'm terrified!! The last week or so I have been feeling sick almost every day and my IBS is very unsettled. I'm trying very hard to stay positive and be brave but more than a few times I have wondered if this was such a good idea!

I guess the reason for writing this blog is to get some reassurance. I want so much to grasp this amazing opportunity with both hands and enjoy every second but I keep coming back to the 'what if's' which are setting off my anxiety.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck! x


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  • Hi good luck to you you'll have a great time and probably come back with some great memories you'll be fine and you'll feel better everyday you may have some hairy moments just sit and let them come and go. youll handle them you and your partner have a great time. Mel

  • Thank you Mel! I'm sure I will be fine and like my partner keeps telling me - the good times will always out weigh the bad! Just gotta try to keep that in mind! Thank you for your kind words. x

  • Hi,"Insperational "is what i felt when i read what you had written,I too have misses out on so much in the past few years reassurance is what you have given me and you can follow your dreams .Have a wondeful time see all the wonders that are out there for all to see.Helen.

  • Ah thank you so much Helen. Your kind words are a huge comfort. x

  • Hi Gems I agree with Shelly and Mel wholeheartedly! I did a big trip 3 years ago and I remember feeling like you do. Sweetheart wherever you go people are the same and they do help wherever you go. There are Doctors and Hospitals wherever you are....IF YOU NEED THEM. I don't think you seems to make a big difference when you are away that no one knows you or your problems. It can be an epiphany! to be free of everyday toils and struggles. You will have a wonderful time being you! and have so many good memories for you and your Partner! You will amaze yourself Gems, honestly...have a fantastic time...I am so jealous xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you Ellabella - it's so reassuring to know other people have felt the same way and overcome their anxiety. Your kind words are such a big help. xx

  • Hi gems. This trip.will be the best experience of your life my son and his partner took six months off and went half way round the world he didn't suffer with anxiety but lacked comfidence ,at the end of the trip he to fly to Singapore to meet them I had.been ill for a.good while ,but onee morming I woke up feeling good and after I worried if I'd made.a rash.desision, but I talked.myself into going, when I met my son it was so uplifting to see the change in him and the point is sometimes we have to just take the plunge he did and so.did.I and it was an.unforgetable life experience. I wish you the same enjoy and make.the memories.

  • Thank you Beams! x

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