Weird head sensations due to anxiety??

Hi everyone. I'm a single mom to a special needs child with behavioral issues. Everyday day is stressful, depresssing and makes me anxious. Lately I've had weird head sensations, and they normally happen at night when I'm relaxing or trying to sleep. It feels like rushes of energy through my head, or sometimes like I'm shaking inside. Does this sound anxiety related? Anyone deal with something similar?


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  • I'm sorry things are so stressful for you. It takes a lot of patience raising a child with diaabilities and I admirr your strength. I get the shaky feeling on occassion. It could be just your nerves in general or it could be from muscle tension as well. I'm not sure what you mean by the rushes of energy through your head though so could you explain that more? In my experience I've felt tingling in my head which I found out is from improper breathing but that doean't sound quite like what you're experiencing

  • Thank you! I don't know how else to explain it, just a weird feeling in my head, like a rushing sensation

  • DominiqueA1024, It sure does sound like weird head sensations are being caused from anxiety and stress. That's a good way to describe it, like rushes of energy through your head. I've had it and you are right in that it seems to come about after a hard day and when you are finally able to relax or go to sleep. It seems like it's the stimulation of the day making the muscles tense and the nerve endings frayed. I understand because my daughter has been anorexic for 7 years.

    What I do is unwind some before bed by using meditation and deep breathing to try to quiet down the over sensitized nerves. If you go straight to bed I can guarantee that your mind will be going a mile a minute and your insides will still be shaking from the days event. You need to take care of yourself too. x

  • I'll have to try that. These sensations are scary, and makes me even more anxious. It makes me feel like something is wrong .. like I have a brain tumor or am having a seizure or something

  • I know DominiqueA1024, it is a strange feeling. I would still mention it to your doctor the next time so he can check out your blood pressure and give you some reassurance that it is anxiety. Good Luck x

  • I already did and he said anxiety but you know how it is once the mind starts spinning and thinking things

  • I think the stress and anxiety could be to blame. At night when your having the but I'd peace your brain is still in action mode and will take much more time to adjust from stress to chilling.

    Try and not to get so stressed and anxious in the first place.

    I know it's hard looking after a person with issues but try and deal in the now no more what it's or when's just the now right this second things should fall into place.

  • Hello Dominique, it takes a strong woman to raise a special needs child i raised one myself & he turned out very well, he's 20 & works in the security department @ Targets loves his job .i know that feeling you talking about thats how ive been feeling lately out of no where this head feeling, its like a light wave it last only for a seconds then it leaves

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