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Loss of appetite, am I alone

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I've had a decrease in appetite for the last few days, I've had small snakes during the day but not a meal I can't even remember, maybe a week?

Is anyone experiencing this at the moment? Do you have any advise

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This is happening to me right now. Just eat little bits of whatever you can and take of your anxiety, so your appetite can gradually come back. That's what i usually do. We're in this together

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I love food, but when I get nervous about something I don't eat and then I get anxious after the event and here I am loss of appetite for a few days

What do you usually go for

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I know what you mean. When i lose my appetite.. i get more scared! But I try to tell myself it's the anxiety. When i dont wanna eat, i'll munch on a banana or other kinds of fruit since i dont wanna eat a lot but atleast i know some type of nutrition is going in my body. I also drink as much water as I can. Don't force yourself to eat either, that'll just worry you.

Its kind of crazy that i open my email and read this. I Just finished talking to one of my friends who went through anxiety and had a loss of appetite. I recently had severe anxiety and totally lost my appetite was not eating much at all but one day I put my foot down and said enough is enough and I thought of what kind of food would make me happy LOL since I live in Southern California I love to eat In and Out burger. Ive been eating good since then but not too much cause i try to watch my figure lol. Anyways just find something you love to eat and devour. Don't let anxiety ruin your life I'm sure you're perfectly fine and healthy. And remember it's all in your mind

Heyyy, it's your anxiety, once you are calm everything will go back to normal

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