Loss of appetite?


Has anyone experienced loss of appetite during anxiety? I'm currently running on one meal a day plus the odd snack. I usually eat a lot so this is a big drop in food for me but I just can't push myself to eat most of my meals.

I've had a very acidy stomach the past week and I'm not sure if that's from the anxiety itself or from me not eating as much. I can't really afford to lose weight but I just feel sick forcing myself to eat.



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  • hi mandy,

    yes, I feel sick at the thought of eating, even actually vomit as cant keep it down,deffo part of anxiety, got some domperidome tablets off doc to stop this, but still can hardly eat, have had a terrrible week also, hope you feel better soon X

  • Hi yes can relate to the loss of appetite and the acid.When you are anxious your stomach produces more acid.I used to not eat for days then when I did I would be straight to the loo with the runs.So now I make sure I try to eat little bits all day you need to be strong to beat the anxiety

  • Yeah same for me, I can go for days without eating much and can also sometimes vomit but then on a good day I eats lots and enjoy it, I think the sick feeling is the worst part of anxiety.

  • I feel sick quite alot of the time and i am finding having a husband and 2 children that want to eat lots very hard! I cannot plan meals like i used to,im notbothered about eating and find it hard to think about what food to do them! Ive not really been suffering for long,and have been started on medication,so feel unsure what is what at the moment....my gp is not being much use either!

  • I understand where you are coming from about the kids meals; I have two small children and it's so hard. My GP has been excellent and I am finding counselling helpful at the moment (just started it). Sorry to hear your GP hasn't been much use and I hope the people on here can give you some reassurance. Like you, I have no idea what has triggered off my anxiety although I think maybe I have just always put my little ones first and not given me a second thought for too long, and now it's catching up with me. You are not alone x

  • Ive just started counselling (2nd session today!)...i was really ill with a severe infection in april,had a panic attack(due to illness taking its toll on my body)doc says been suffering with anxiety since,i went back to work after 2 weeks on diazepam which helped me relax.He then stopped these after 2 weeks and then started me on Citalopram,ive gone downhill since and have been off work for 2 weeks,not feeling any better,ive been back to the docs twice and hes been no use whatsoever....i just dont know where i am and feeling utterly crap!....now i feel stuck and cant see an end to it all!...finding it hard for my husband and children aswell!

  • hi, I know this was a while ago but wondering did the appetite come back?

  • hi im suffering from loss of appetite i dont even want to eat a snack let alone a meal , the thought of eating toast in the morning makes me feel sick but i manage to keep that down.

  • I have suffered from a lack of appetite big time (which is very usual for me!!) It's especially worse I find in the mornings. It did start off with acidity/reflux that made it even more difficult; this has really calmed down now but my appetite is still nowhere near back to normal. I still also feel sick at times though have never as yet actually been sick - again, this is worse in the mornings usually. Thinking of you all xx

  • Hi, i have offten lost my appetite when really anxious, even this morning could not face breakfast. when i get like this i make sure i drink regular.....water, camomile tea and complan to make up for the vitimins im missing. also complan is actually a meal so it will tide you over until your anxiety has relaxed and your ready for food again with out leaving you feeling weak. x

  • Hi, have any of you ever had a child with this symptom? Anxiety and loss of appetite due to it? My 10 y/o is currently barely eating anything and it has become a vicious circle. He vomits if he forces himself to eat, but he's worried because he's not eating. I'm keeping him hydrated, and even gave him a smoothie chock-full of veg and fruit (and hemp protein) this morning, but lunch and dinner are a no-go. He vomited what little lunch he ate. :-( So worried about him.

  • I'm not a parent but when I was a child I would not eat because I became afraid of throwing up. My mom ended up having to put me in counseling where they pretty much told her to give me anything I would eat.

  • Thank god somebody is going through this too. I just started a new job and normally I don't have very big issues with anxiety anymore (at least since I was a child), but lately I've been getting nauseated and food is so unappealing to me. My stomach is constantly upset and I'm having to run to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Even when I wake up in the middle of the night I feel the anxiety.

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