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Anxiety loss of appetite

Hi guys, I just wondered if anyone else loses their appetite because of anxiety? I am beginning to thing I have something wrong with me and that causes my anxiety to get worse. I had panic attacks last night thinking I have stomach cancer, the GP told me this morning that all your bloods were fine and he could not feel anything. He thinks my anxiety is the issue. The thought of food just makes me feel Sick, I can't even leave my bedroom it seems I am attached to my bed.

If anyone understands could they reply with any ideas

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Hi Ian's.

I also have had this loss of appetite with anxiety and just couldn't be bothered to eat,lived on soup and biscuits for nearly 2 weeks earlier this year and lost 11lb in weight.

Anxiety especially health anxiety is a vicious circle,when the physical symptoms start you overthink and the anxiety gets worse so the symptoms get worse,and low and behold you think you've got every illness known to mankind!

I have several ways to try and cope,deep breathing,in to the count of 5 and then out to the same count.

I've downloaded a few apps of relaxation and meditation,calm.com.,headspace and mindfullness are good ones.

Also try and do something physical,exercise,walking,knitting,and also I play games on the iPad.There is no quick fix,but anything to help to keep your mind busy,and try and stop the overthinking.

There are also several medications available but you must see your gp for their advice about that.

I see you say you don't want to leave your bedroom,this has also happened to me,and I think you could be a little depressed,I know I was and again I urge you to see you gp for help.

I hope this has been some help to you,not least so you know your not alone.

Please let me know how you get on.

Lowtongirl x


Thank you lowtongirl for the info,

I have been ok today no panic attacks I have caught up with some sleep today but really need to eat but I just am not hungry I don't know why.


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Hi, You are not alone! When I get really stressed it's the best diet going (trying to keep it light, I know it's no joke when you can't eat). I've just been on holiday (which really stressed me out) and I couldn't eat for most days. I had to get by on just making sure I kept hydrated and the occasional plain biscuit when I could force it down. The thought and smell of food made me feel so sick.

Now I'm back home and my routine is back to normal and my stress levels have dropped I'm eating again (and have put on half of the weight that I lost) but frankly I'm not that interested in food, but am forcing a bit down when I can otherwise as well as feeling stressed I also feel ill from having taken in no fuel.

Hang on in there, eat when you can and don't beat yourself up about it (as this makes it worse, just accept that you don't want to eat now but you will soon). Take a little exercise as this will reduce anxiety and might make food easier to face, I'm also doing mindfulness meditation at the minute and I'm finding that quite calming. As suggested above look up breathing exercises for anxiety to get some more calm into your life and speak to your GP about counselling and/or mediation if this goes on for a long time.

Leveller x

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Most definitely. When I'm going through anxiety I don't eat well which has causede to lose some weight. It is anxiety for sure.


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