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Am I alone

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I feel breathless and when I get up to move it still there and my heart races more even trying to post this I’m having anxiety and I get a pressure in my chest and no I can’t see the doctor bc I haven’t left my house in years I just want to know if anyone else feels like this too

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Since you have severe anxiety is sounds like it’s more than likely just that your stress hormones are through the roof and it’s causing all of your symptoms. You are stuck in the vicious cycle because you are worrying about your symptoms which keeps them going. Since you have been house bound you’re probably not very distracted by things outside of yourself so it makes it hard to think of other things. Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like I remember you posting something about a thyroid issue. This can cause your heart to feel like it’s doing funny things. Also, if you’re pretty sedentary it’s not surprising that your heart might seem like it’s pumping fast/ feeling breathless since you may not be used to a lot of activity? The first thing that helps me if my heart is racing and I feel breathless is to stay hydrated. I like the body armor drinks because they replenish lots of electrolytes which will naturally make your heart a little less racy. I’m sure you are trying your hardest and that you’re clearly not asking to feel this way but I have found that if I’m worried about something going on with my body, the reassurance from a doctor is the most helpful thing. If there is any way you could get out to see one or have one come to your home, I bet it would relieve a lot of the anxiety. Anxiety really can cause you to feel this bad. It’s a terrible thing.

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Is a horrible feeling I wish I could beat this already

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It is horrible!!! I have been to a place where I had symptoms almost all the time. Hang in there! Hoping you get some relief soon.

Hang in there. I felt the same way, and it was all stress related. I’m doing much better now. There is Hope. The best thing for me is having lots of support from friends and family! Not everyone understands, but those that do, make you feel less alone.

You’re not alone. I understand this completely and I have physical symptoms pretty much 24/7.

Thank you everyone

I hope that you'll feel less alone and more comfortable. What would it take for you see a doctor for help? Best wishes.

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Idk I’m scared that if I leave my house I’ll die

I can only refer you to my reply on your last post. As you will see your symptoms are common with anxiety.

I'm not sure if this would help but have found some good videos on YouTube by Uncommon Practitioners

If you Google 6 Simple Ways to Reduce Anxiety he has a lot of very good talks and he discusses the symptoms you have and hopefully it will put your mind at rest

Wishing you all the very best

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Thank you everyone

Take care x

There are many options. They have doctors on call that are on line to help you. Regular MD's and therapists. You can speak with them over the phone or Skype with them. In this day and age there are many options if you cannot leave your home.

If you are registered with a doctor ,why don’t you ring and ask for a telephone consultation , I think it might help . I have done that , being I can’t go out , I wish you well

I don’t have a MD not sense we moved

Please, do your best to see a doctor. Why are you afraid of leaving the house? What is making you anxious? What you are experiencing is not unusual. You are not alone with your symptons. One step at a time relieve anxiety but you need help.

I’m scared that if I leave I will die or something

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