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am i alone

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i just had a panic attack it got so bad i was in the floor in a ball pouring water on my self to make it stop i felt like i was going o have a heart attack to me it felt like my heart was racing i was so scared that it wouldn't stop i still feel a little scared like at any moment i'm going to have another panic attack i dont like this feeling of fear that i will die of a heart attack how to i make my self believe that its not going to to happen i was doing good last week i even got ouside and now im side in my room afraid that im going to die.

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Hi friend! We all understand how scary anxiety and panic attacks can be. The biggest thing to remember is that it can't hurt you! If you are truly worried about your heart, i suggest getting tests done. It will not only ease your mind, but it will also be good to rule out anything medical related. I too get panic attacks so bad that my heart feels like it could burst. My doctor did an echocardiogram, heart holter monitor, stress test, bloodwork, and more. Just to make sure I was healthy. Once I passed all those tests it really helped with my panic attacks. I was able to logically tell myself that my heart is healthy and my panic attacks will pass. Sending you much love!

You are never alone apayett. Someone is always here to listen, to comfort and to

understand. I know all too well how frightening my panic attacks use to be. Yes,

use to. At the time I thought I was doomed for life with anxiety controlling me but

it's not so. You have been here long enough to see that many have come out of this

fear and have been able to go forward.

Right now, it's about helping you. You are not going to die. Panic attacks don't have

that kind of power. It's a mind game. The red alerts were miss firing within your

subconscious making you think something was wrong. Once you believe that lie,

then the fear builds. Right now the best thing you can do is to take time to regenerate

your mind and your body that are so tense and tight from the scare. Breathe in deeply

from the belly and exhale slow and long. You will actually feel you body calm as you do

that several times. When you feel your shoulders pull away from your ears, you will know

that your body is responding to the breathing.

One last thing apayett is to find a few moments on YouTube to listen to a great video

"How to calm down during/after a Panic Attack" by BuzzFeed Video.

You are safe, you are going to be okay. We are right here because we care. :) xx

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thank you so much i been trying to keep calm its just hard i just wish i could get a hold on this and have a little bit of a normal life at least be able to go places and do things not like i was but have a little freedom again i feel like trapped in this life like ill never have joy again

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apayette, You are like all of us who experience severe anxiety. What it does to

our way of thinking is unbelievable. The thing is we can't TRY to keep calm. We

either are or we aren't. Once the fear builds enough to produce a panic attack,

it's difficult to bring down that adrenaline. The key to reducing our adrenaline

overload and in turn our anxiety is practicing daily, several times a day with meditation.

We can't wait until we are in the throws of panic and then start.

That took me a long, long time to learn.

I now ritually have "me time" 3 times a day. I may feel okay but I turn to YouTube

and listen to a 10 min video on meditation and deep breathing. They may be different

each time but I have my favorites. The ones that have soothing, calming voices tend to

put me into calm within moments of hearing that voice. It's become like a hypnotic

suggestion because I have done this over and over for years.

That's not to say that a fear doesn't come over me or that I don't ever get stressed, but

when I do, I'm ready. A few deep calming breathes are enough to reduce and rid myself of the symptoms. It's so automatic now and I have it with me all the time.

No more benzos, breathing is my drug of choice.

Apayette, don't stress wanting to get better. Accept anxiety for what it is. Acceptance

that you are not in harm's way, that you are safe and will be okay is a huge step. :) xx

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apayett24 in reply to Agora1

Thank you I am going to attempt the breathing exercises and I will let you know how it goes =)

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Agora1 in reply to apayett24

Please do apayett, you know I'm here for you.

It takes time to learn anything new. This will be a new way

of breathing for you and it will pay off, I Promise xx

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apayett24 in reply to Agora1

Thank you I just have to find a youtube video that works for me

It is a surge of adrenalin which can be caused by a number of things, can be adrenals. Once I understood what was physically happening to my body it really helped me. The mind feels adrenalin and goes into survival mode like its running from a tiger but without the physical activity so it gets scared like there is a tiger behind you but being intelligent then we try and fathom out why but can't understand and then we get scared of everything! Please go to a naturopath, they are amazing and will truly help you and support you and explain what is going on. I had adrenal fatigue and it was my adrenals trying to work but every now and again I just get panicky. I have some rescue remedy always to hand, water is good and go for a walk to get the adrenaline out of the system.

You are not alone, two years ago I was in the exact same position that was caused by OCD and stress induced anxiety. It is a very hard thing to get to grips with but having a talk with your GP about it can get you a good route for treatment and also consider going to support groups for mental health to hear from others who cope with these experiences and in some cases overcome it.

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I hope those breathing exercises helped you..

Some of the YouTube meditations are good too. They help me

Good wishes xx

Thanks everyone it helps a lot

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