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For the past years I've always thought I had a brain tumor but no doctor ever said it was. I got diagnosed with anxiety when I was 14 I'm now 25. I recently been very sick and no one could figure out what's going on and I've had multiple tests (xray, blood tests and a scope down my throat). The only issues they seen were my tonsils are very enlarged. I now have to get them removed on the 24th. I'm very scared that when I wake up I'm still going to feel sick. Lately my brain tumor thoughts have been at an all time high because the right side of my face feels numb at times and now I'm getting goose bumps only on that side and there is pressure in my head. I'm not able to sleep because I wake up in attacks or my dreams are so scary and realistic I wake up and think did that really happen? I'm not on any meds because I feel like they make me worse. All I do is think all day long I'm dying can someone please help me?


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  • It's your swollen tonsils that are giving you these other feelings. The doctors will be looking after you and you won't have anything to worry about. You won't feel better straight after you have them removed, it will take a while until you feel better again because of the procedure you will be going through.

    Don't be worrying or you will make yourself feel worse.

    You will be ok.

    Take care of yourself ☺

  • I've had the numbness in my face for 4 years I've seen the eye doctors I've had blood work done everything came back normal. I also forgot to add that they found a whole in my ear drum. I'm hoping that once these tonsils come out I start to feel better because all I do is cry and my thoughts race. It doesn't help that I'm googling symptoms either. I just can't shake the fact that I have a brain tumor and in reality I know I don't. If I did I would of had some serious other symptoms right?

  • I used to be the same, Google to check everything and it is the worst thing we can do.

    Your doctor did not mention a brain tumor so it is your anxiety that is making you think you have this. I used to think I had one too but it turned out I had a strain in a neck muscle that was affecting my head.

    You know you don't have a tumor you just said so. Keep telling yourself it's only the anxiety that is doing this to you and it can't harm you. Try doing other things too that take your mind off this.

  • Thank you so much. I feel like such a hypochondriac but I feel like doctors dont know anything these days. I have to go to a neurologist so I think that is also triggering my anxiety also the surgery is scary. It just seems like since my health took a turn my anxiety and depression is sky high and I think a million thinhs are wrong with me. Like I mentiomed earlier my sleep is now being affected its like my brain doesn't want to shut off.

  • My brain doesn't shut off sometimes at night so I end up staying awake. Sometimes I go out to the back garden for ten minutes or I just sit in the living room and it seems to help switch my brain off a bit? It's awful when it happens so I know what you are going through.

    I hope the neurologist can help you out.

    You know to come on here anytime you want or need to and I am sure someone will chat with you.

    Relax and take it easy Victoria.

  • Thanks and I'm trying its just very hard when I feel alone and no motivation to do anything.

  • Motivation is the hard thing I know but if you do easy things at first and take it from there you might get more motivation.

    You were motivated to come onto here and ask for advice, you just need to do some more things that will distract you and empty your head of the native thoughts.

    It is hard but you can do it.

    Think of something you like or want to do and keep trying to do it. You will get there eventually.

  • Thank you. I'm trying I've been getting better its just now that I've had surgery and all the meds im on. I'm constantly tired now & there's not much that I can do right now.

  • Just rest then ☺

  • I am exactly the same . I feel like blocking google from every computer I can use and my phone . I saw a quote that says " google creating hypochondriacs since 19 whatever it was " lol .

  • Omg yes Google is the devil i hate it. But yet its right there and you want when no one else can answer it for you. But yet it triggers our anxiety.

  • Hi... Check my old post.. We are in the same shadow that haunt us... I know its hard but when anxiety striked me, i distract myself and listened to the word of god in the internet try it.. Theres many verses there for anxious person, u will not die coz if u will i think ur dead long time ago that ur symptoms first came out.. Hey, dont think for dying, think for living well and continue life on positive way...

  • Thanks for the reply. My anxiety is at an all time high as you can see on my previous replies. How has the aloe helped you(I read your post)? How have you been feeling with it and what strategies have you learned when you get your thoughts?

  • Aloe keep calming ur mind and helps u to sleep better, u can check on the net, but as i tried its working on me... I once listen to the sermon on the mount it says if u worry u die, u dont worry u die so why worry.. Worry will not add even a single hour on our life... Be positive, pray always....

  • Thanks I appreciate it ill look into the aloe

  • Victoria, if you had had an untreated brain tumour for 4 years you would not be here now. So I'm telling you straight, you definately have not got a brain tumour. Numbness on the side of the face is avery common symptom of anxiety and so is feeling pressure in your head. There's someone new on here every day with numbness on the side of their face so there's absolutely no doubt about it. You've been thoroughly examined by doctors and had many tests and there's nothing serious wrong with you.

    Victoria, you have anxiety disorder and the first thing to do is to accept the fact. Believe me, it's a lot easier to recover from high anxiety than a brain tumour so I bring you good news.

    You know you're a hypochondriac, we all are. When your nerves become over sensitised they begin to trick us. They are very, very good at imitating real physical illness. And even when you 'know' it's anxiety based we still go on thinking we've got the real thing. We think the doctors have made a mistake and we know better. Well, we don't. The symptoms of high anxiety that imitate real illness may make us feel bad but they're fakes: they can't kill us, disable us or make us lose our minds.

    So, Victoria, accept that all these symptoms are anxiety disorder, give thanks to Whoever that it's not a brain tumour, accept the diagnosis of your doctors (who went to medical school) over your own opinion (who get your info from Google) and instead of trying to cure yourself of illnesses you don't have you should consider addressing the illness you do have, you know the one that begins with A.

    If ever you feel really bad accept the medication offered to you, it's not poison it's something that will give you some welcome relief. And start to cure yourself by accepting all the bad feelings for the moment calmly and without fear - because it's fear that anxiety feeds on. No fear, no anxiety.

    So it's all good news really, Victoria. I wish you God's speed along your road to recovery.

  • Thank you so much. I do believe I dont have a brain tumor but my thoughts convince me otherwise. Over the course of the month ive noticed a decrease in my energy, I can barely sleep and when I do I have such bad dreams. My appetite is very poor as ive lost 5 pounds in a week and possibly more. I'm gpimg to the dentist on Monday to see if the numbness is possibly wisdom teeth related. I pray it is. I'm also praying that when I have my tonsiled removed I womt have this weird feeling like something is sitting in the back of my throat (this feeling triggered the anxiety). I think the more people tell me I dont have a brain tumor the more ill feel better and ill be able to convince myself more. I also have to see a neurologist in Oct so that is scaring me too and idk why. I wish I knew more about the anatomy on the ears nose and throat so I can better understand what is going on with my body and not rely on Google cause if thats the case I have cancer and multiple other things that are going to kill me.

  • O.K, Victoria, I can see that you can't accept for the moment that all these things are anxiety. The 'something sitting in the back of my throat' is another very common symptom of anxiety, I had it 20 years ago, it's called Globus Hystericus by the way. But in time you will come toaccept that it all comes down to anxiety and that's when your recovery will begin.

  • Well they did say that I may suffer from globud syndrome but my tonsils are very enlarged so Thursday i have to get surgery to get them removed. Can you give me any ideas on how to calm my thoughts and to convince myself I'm ok and this will all be ok

  • Yes, Victoria, if you only read one more book in your life that book should be 'Self help with your nerves' by Doctor Claire Weekes. It was written longbefore you were born but continues to sell thousands of copies each year, you can buy it new or used on Amazon for a few pounds or dollars. The book will bring you immediate reassurance and by explaining in simple terms what happens to out mind and body when we get high anxiety it ends bewilderment. It then sets out a simple plan for complete recovery which has allowed untold tens of thousands to recover. You will recognise yourself in its pages and feel that the author knows you as you read it. It's quite a short book and is written in a way that tired minds can understand. I commend this book to you.

    Ecpverything will go well with your tonsil operation on Thursday, just accept what happens calmly and without fear, when the anxiety comes then meet it by letting every muscle in your body, legs, arms and head go limp and let the waves of anxiety sweep past you like waves sweep past a rock but the rock endures.

  • Claire Weekes' Pass Through Panic has helped me tremendously! I have it on audio book so that I can listen to it whenever I need it.

  • Thank you so very much. I'm going to try out that book. I need somethong to relax my mind

  • I wish you a speedy recovery on your surgery & when you have time to relax reread these post to assure yourself you are fine right now as i can see your thoughts are in very high aniexty mold so you cant fully accept it all right now & thats ok rome wasnt built in a day & if it makes you feel any better i had the numb face i panic @ first then i realized it was aniexty like Jeff1943 said i let it went right through me the less i gave attention to it went away. Hope you read the post again & get those books & think of a strategy plan for yourself when aniexty hits take your meds sweetheart its time to fight back!

  • Thank you so much I haven't found the right meds for me yet. I keep getting worse on them

  • Well keep pushing your dr to find you the right meds. I"m not giving up i want to be Gloria again & not drag aniexty behind every conversation i have! Keep pushing Victoria!

  • Yes I want to be me again too but the fight is killing me all I wanna do is sleep all day long

  • Thank you so much Jeff1943 i hope you helped victoria because you defiantly just helped me! 💞

  • Everything that everyone has told you here is absolutely true. Anxiety can be mentally destructive. If you haven't already, you really should seek some professional help to guide you through and give you the tools to manage it. Not only will it help in the long term but they will give you "homework" that will keep your mind occupied with something other than worry. I will also add that I sometimes have the same sensation in my face. I have TMJ syndrome from years of clenching my teeth. (Anxiety again.) The symptoms are the same. Headache, tingling, etc. I see a chiropractor once a month who not only helps with adjustments but also sets my mind straight. She says that it's all connected and I totally believe it. If you have insurance, ask them to help find someone who accepts your insurance.

  • Thank you very much I will try out that book

  • Face numbing is very normal when you are anxious . I as well get them too. I also have had times where I think something is seriously wrong with me . I go to the doctors and they run tests and they come back normal .

    Sorry u feel this way

  • Yes I've had tests done everything came back normal.

  • My biggest fear is a brain tumor as well, don't know why and I can't shake it. I have dizziness and faintness and numbness in head and it's all so hard to accept it's anxiety

  • Yes I'm the same way. I feel like the thoughts are worse when I'm sick

  • If you are that concerned go see a nuero an mri put me at ease for the brain tumor thoughts just be honest with them

  • I have a Neuro appointment in Oct but I'm afraid that if they do run an MRI and find something I'm going to freak out. I know I don't have a tumor but I get scared because I have 2 kids and they need me more then anything. They are the only thing that keeps me insane

  • I have a son also and i understand your worries but if they find something they can fix you or treat it and get you on the right path to help you so you can fight through this for your kids

  • You're right☺ I'm just scared of the outcome or if they do find spmething even though there is nothing to find im just obsessed over what is wrong amd that is the wrong idea. Its like i cant accept what illness they said i have. Its horrible.

  • Oh trust me i know how you feel ive posted on this group many times about my symptoms and they've been helpful but it can't seem to help the health anxiety i have i just keep thinking i have brain tumors or cancer its horrible but once you have an answer you can start the healing process

  • I just afraid of the answers even though they cant find anything

  • You'll be okay just power through this for your little ones that's what i do every day. Be strong and keep us posted we are here for you! Sending much love

  • Thank you. I feel like such a bad mom lately cause I can't preform like a mom right now. Everything they do I get annoyed with. I'm very moody lately

  • I feel you in that one. Just give them the best you can! They'll love you no matter what

  • Thank you surgery went well. I feel so much better. I just hope my anxiety stys away so far its been 2 days with no attacks or depression. I feel like me again.. I do however start thinking its going to come back but im trying to ease my mind. I'm in a lot of pain tho

  • You are okay!

  • Yes I can feel it now after I had surgery.

  • 🤔 surgery?

  • Yes my tonsils were causing me all these problems and then they seen my adenoids grew back which was also causing me problems

  • Wow!

    Glad to know you're doing better 🙏😃

  • Thanks im just so afraid my anxiety is going to come back because in under a lot of stress while trying to heal

  • You're not alone.

  • Thank u

  • I'm here for you

  • You won't die and that's a promise. I use to have these fears when I was younger. Eventually I accepted the fact that my Ct scans came back normal and there's nothing wrong with me. Accepting and trusting the doctors helped me to recover from that fear.

  • Thank you so much.. I just have trust issues cause I know my body and by doctors telling me everything was ok was a lie.. They finally found it and I had to get surgery

  • Some doctors suck!

  • They do and that is what scares the hell out of me. Like all my blood came back great i had a CATSCAN on my throat and brain and everything is fine but yet I cant seem to shake this feeling like somwthing is wrong. Even though there isn't. I'm starting to feel better since after surgery its just this face craps that annoys me cause its so hard to explain.

  • Take your time and tell me.

    What face thing are you trying to explain?

  • Okay so on the right side of my face it feels like the after affect of novacain(the needle from the dentist) its only there when I'm stressed or thinking about it. Countless doctors sais that there could possibly be nerve damage and the dentiat said possibly my wisdom teeth are irritating the nerve but its so frustrating because it affects my nose its like a constant tingle

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