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Reassurance is needed, having irrational thoughts!!

I finished work for 2 weeks last Friday, and recently I'm becoming paranoid about my health again. I'm convinced that I have a brain tumour, but I'm too scared to go to the Drs. I don't know why I'm thinking like this because there are reasonable explanations for the symptoms I'm having. A few weeks ago I had a terrible headache on the right side of my face that lasted for a week, but at this time I was having a very stressful time at work. My eyes feel odd sometimes, but this could be due to me not wearing my glasses when needed. I feel nauseous, and light headed, could be due to tiredness, and the business of xmas? I have the odd dull ache/ pain thing in my head every now and then, not a clue what this could be, although I have the same sort of shooting ache in all areas of my body. Why do I have to think the worst all the time? I'm so fed up of thinking like this, daily life is so draining at the moment!

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Your mind is running on fear.....at the moment you are worried about you health..but be it health anxiety/social anxiety/etc etc etc. the first word is only a prefix..the fact is you are at presently suffering from ANXIETY......your mind has selected your health, but if it wasn,t that it would select something else...THATS HOW ANXIETY WORKS...

To give yourself a chance of recovery you must talk to someone you can trust, also visit your doctor and explain to him how you are feeling, and if meds are required don,t feel a failure, take them as like many of us they will give you breathing space and assist you on the road to recovery, they don,t have to be forever....be kind to yourself,look for help and you will find it......like you found this site......Be Well


I have felt just like you , so much so last year I went to see someone about it as it had been going on for 3 years , i also get migraines & was getting them every week disturbed vision , then the banging head , one of my eyes starts to feel funny & a bit of my lip , they couldnt find anything wrong , but said I was suffering with migraines & the letter they wrote to my GP I got a copy of sent to me , which they said in it they had observed this patient was suffering with severe anxiety , I no I was a wreck but i didnt think a stranger who met me for the first time would notice that quick !

A doctor once told me that all the nerves in our bodies , to imagine them like spagettie & when we get anxious they all tighten up & knot & tangle , & that is why funny sensations , pains etc can be felt ...when i thought about it , it did make some sense to me & thats what I try & think now when I start feeling things , as like you i panic straight away at the slighest thing

I agree in it would be a good idea if you have a good relationship with your GP to go & have a chat , please try not to worry , you are not on your own


I can identify with you 100% JB.

I've suffered with health anxiety off and on for 20 years.

You name it and I've been worried about it!


Hi JB,

Im new here but no what you are going through. I too have been off for a week or so and the anxiety soon kicks in. I felt ok my my partner said he could tell it was coming back so that made me anxious but should have stuck to my guns because i actually felt ok and was just relaxing.

My GP always says if you really thought it was something bad deep in your heart you would go to the dcotors and get it checked. I get awful headaches when i am stressed so no doubt it will be that.

Try not to worry, it will soon pass its hard to think it will but it wil. xx


Thank you all. It's reassuring to hear that other people think in a similar way! The boyfriend took me out today to take my mind off it all, and I didn't experience any symptoms; but when I got home and was on my own again they have started to return. I have my first appointment with a psychiatrist on Wednesday, so lets just hope they can help me stop these horrid thoughts.



I understand how you felt cos I have been so pariond about brain tumour and keep going to doctors about slightly odd dull or light headache on right side of head behind ears, nurse reassured me every week that I don't have brain tumour, its tension from anxiety! If you have it, you won't get out of bed, vomiting, really really really bad headache like someone hit your head with bricks, fit and blank out. If you don't want to see gp, go to opticians to have eye test and they can tell you if they think you got signs of it by look through the eyes. I had eye test a month ago and told me I don't have it even nurse said the same thing as she promised me. We have to believe doctors/nurse but I know its hard but anxiety make us think what if and it feed our fears more about it. We do not have it!! It's anxiety!! Xx


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