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Well decide for the first time in a long time to pluck up the courage to go food shopping I got taxi there and back but all I done was panic and had panic attacks this really drains me and when I have them that's when I think and it makes my anxiety alot worse when it's already bad enough I was keep saying to myself way to go girl u done it but just did not work all this pain and anxiety is really getting me down I had what I call a good day on Sunday and actually played piggy in the middle with my girls and the nxt day back to been in agony I feel so hopeless as even little bits of doing things hurt I'm 42 and have no sort of life does anyone feel the same xxx

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I say well done, Mandy, the way forward is to accept the bad feelings and walk to the nearest shops, just accept them for the moment, they can't kill you or disable you or make you lose your mind, you know, those panic attacks are merely short circuits in your nervous system caused by too much fear. Refuse to be bullied and intimidated by a few blips in your nerves, let the bad feelings come as you make your way to the shops, accept them, let them come like a wave that crashes and thrashes against a rock on the shore but the rock endures and so will you, the wave rushes past you, no real harm done. Don't brace yourself when the bad feelings come, that means more tension, more fear that fuels your over sensitised nerves, instead feel every muscle in your limbs, body and head relax and go limp, call it passive resistance. In time if you face the bad feelings without adding more fear to your already over loaded nerves they will begin to recover and so will you. Yes, Mandy, you are going to recover because you are stronger than a few glitches in your nervous system, treat them with contempt and cease to fear them and you will be taking the first steps to that recovery. The key to your cure is Accept, don't fight the bad feelings, just accept them with the minimum of fear and just float your way along to the shops, you can do it because thousands of others in your shoes have done it and by madtering fear by accepting all the symptoms of sensitised nerves without fear you will regain your freedom and your peace of mind.


Well said!!


Yes I was like this for months. It doesn't happen over night, don't feel discouraged and keep going. Don't force yourself but whenever you feel the urge just go out and slowly you'll feel comfortable again. Don't feel down or discouraged just keep your faith.

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I had years when I couldn't even walk out of the house or go anywhere without a buddy system or someone on the phone to kind of.."be there" with me, dreading the moment they'd say they had to go or they'd call me back because I'd be backnowledged to being alone again. Which stopped me from getting a job, getting food when I could just walk to a corner store and get it. Tears when whoever I asked to go with me would look at me like I was a child/weak idiot without any GOOD reason for them to have to go with me.I had flashbacks just reading what you wrote.

You aren't alone AT ALL.

Message me if you'd like! Ttys Mandy :)


You write in the past tense, AvaP, have you recovered and if so how, please?

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Jeff, no I haven't "recovered"

I changed things so that it wouldn't become a DAILY anxiety. More of a once in awhile or only during certain circumstances.

For example, I have social anxiety and yet I do like to be around people.

How does that work right?

Well I know in order for me to still be social in a comfortable environment for me, I'll most likely get a home or apt that is able to handle social gatherings..

I'll have a lot more control of who I'd like around me AND I'd be in my home which is a plus.

Now when the time comes where I DO have to leave and go meet for an event or such, I almost always ask who's on the invite list (I probably know someone already and we can meet there together?) Or if plus 1s are allowed. And if they say no, then Ive had like a couple frends come over beforehand. Sort of like a softening before ripping of the bandaid. I get dressed with what I'll be wearing for the event and I end up leaving my apartment the same time theyre leaving to go to where they have to go to. Even the getting ready part is a stressor for me. I think way too much and end up convincing myself not to go.

I get anxiety from just waiting outside for a bus or walking down the street so I saved for a car. Or I'll park a lititle farther then the building I need an walk for a couple mns just to force myself to get doses of that anxiety instead of full on blows.

Best comparison is getting vaccinations. Flu shot IS the actual Flu. Just in a tiny dose so you can build up the fighting armor for when you DO get in contact with it.


I do know of 2 others this worked for but of course everyone is different! :)

I posted a video yesterday on my page and many times the music in the background has gotten me through alot. I'll just rewind the video/song in my head as soon as that anxiety is coming. And I'm usually facing the aggressor/anxiety trigger at that very moment. I just start humming it to remind myself that the way I'm feeling sucks. But it's OK and the wave will end.

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