Hello everyone if anyone relates to me plz let me know it good help a lot Im 28 yes old I have two small boys and a husband I work full time and I'm a mother full time as well but lately I don't feel good about my self I feel very weak everyday I'm at work feel like I just need to rest all day even when I exercise I can't do it I feel like I'm just to weak I hate the feeling because I just feel like something wring with me and I start getting scare I don't know what to do no more I went to the doc got blood work done and everything seems fine and normal plz help any one


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  • It sounds like you are depressed, and you are feeling anxiety. You feel like you dropped in a routine and don't really feel inspired. My advice (it worked for me) is change your look, your routine, spend time on you. Set a 'look forward day' so it can motivate you not feel so down and tired. Read motivational books! Or books you enjoy. Go out with your friends. Sing, dance, write mediate, etc.. 🌞☺️🌈 Get creative and bring out the best of you. 😉Good luck!

  • Thanks for ur advise I think I'm depress as well I will start trying to get motivated thanks

  • You don't have to push it. Take it easy and be very kind to yourself.

  • Have you been to the doctor and had any test done. It might be that your lacking a vitamin. I get like that at timez and I'm slightly anemic.

  • Yes I just recently got blood test done the only thing that comes out is that I have cholesterol

  • If you have raised cholesterol & are feeling tired alot,it is worth ruling out an underactive thyroid with the right blood tests.You need to ask for thyroid function blood tests(TSH,free T4,fee T3)If you do this,do not accept a verbal result from a doctor or nurse or receptionist,like"they are all normal"Get the print-out & PM me.

    That aside,your lifestyle sounds absolutely exhausting.

    Forget trying to excercise,focus on getting as much rest as it is possible WITH FEET UP!Use any time you have been using for excercise to rest & relax.

    Look at the website of"The Center for Mindful Self Compassion"

    You can start practising being kind to yourself.It has really changed my attitude towards me & the way we can punish & drive ourselves,believing we have to be superhuman to be a good human.We only have to be human.

  • OMG thank u so much for ur reply I will go to the web site

  • EING at work full time, a Mother full time, & a Wife full time is rewarding, but also exhausting. Your excersizing on top of everything else. I am not a doctor. Maybe vitamins,& your body telling you, you need to get time for yourself. I know. I feel guilty saying this. But. We know us as Moms, but do we know us as like individual woman who we are outside of being Mom , & Wife. You shld try to take 1 whole day a month ,& go sleep, relax, message, Gee. I shld take my own advice. Lol! Now that I'm sick. I'm sad to say too. I'm exhausted from not even doing anything. I cant sleep even though my 12 yr old Magdalena, & my 5 yr old Noah are sleeping since 9:30 for school. I will pray for you! Keep in touch let us know if you are feeling better. =/

  • Prayer for someone else is a great gift

  • Thank u so much

  • I am not in your situation but feel great sympathy for the suffering you are feeling. Believe me, from someone who has suffered a lot, there is nothing wrong with you from the physical perspective. But anxiety and fear can really drain you!! You are a good person!! It is ok to feel anxious and overwhelmed. I don't know all the reasons, but it sounds like some of your responsibilities may be taking their toll. You deserve to rest if you need to!! You may not feel like you deserve to do it or are able to do it, but you deserve it. It is also a process, not just one action completes it. You may need help at times from others and it is perfectly ok to ask for that help. It is a strength to do so and you will benefit from it. You deserve also to be loved and anxiety can drain the feeling of love out of it. If there is any way to find love for yourself in small things, do it. Buy an ice cream cone or whatever makes you happy. YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

  • Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. I have behcets syndrome. Im in pain right now, & can't sleep. I again. Thank you.

  • Hi lorenie2717, I totally understand I have a little boy too & me & my partner work also I am just over last few days felt odd im having a lot of gum pain due yo teeth that need sorting , o just keep putting everything &;

    Every one first but ots ne who now is suffering feeling really anxious nervous waking up , fir me I did sufercwith overactive e thyroid when my boy was about 2 years old so I'm worry h was doing so well I was taking vit d & iron from docs bloods said was low felt top of world ut now stopped them , but xmas came our son was poorly me longer working hours more demands o feel I need a week in bed now my sister is due anytime im.her birth partner! I' on the edge not been eating great either jusy can't think what to eat. Iv got my bloods next week meanwhile I need yo get dome holidays in & eat & skeep & get a good supplement il see my gp too jusy for check up too, ask the doc yo check your vit d iron etc b12 to see if need more fingers crossed you feel better soon im.just sick & tired I think binkynoo x

  • Thank s I sure will ask my doc

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