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so my symptoms are still bad first thing in the morning and still the same time of day. Anyway I'm travelling in a car for a long time today, and I'm sooo nervous. I remeber last time I was the same I felt sick and my lump in the throat was bad, i also felt like I needed dharrheoa the whole time. I don't know how to calm myself but I'm so scared, what if I get ill and something goes wrong with my body, help me :(((( I also haven't even having the diharrheoa in the mornings because it just hasn't been coming out and hurts my tummy when I try make it, gross I know but it all worrys me :(

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Hi Babyexx l hope your journey goes well for you I know that lump in the throat feeling and dry mouth .I was due to go on journey today by train and underground but woke up at 3 am sweating and urgent need to go to toilet IBS so had to ring my son and tell him how sorry I was I couldn't make it.he said not to worry but I'm now feeling anxious and sad I couldn't least in a car you can stop if you need to go .play some nice music and sing along with it.I find that helps me when I'm driving if I'm feeling anxious let me know how you got on,also people have told me they take imoduim before a journey that might help you with your tummy problems to.

Babyexx in reply to jessiejakes

Thank you ever so much, it wasn't too bad thank you. My throat is bad today though, hope you're well x

jessiejakes in reply to Babyexx

Well done you ! My lump in throat comes and goes just learnt to live with it now.

Yes I'm much better today thank you.


Eat a banana about half hour before you helps with anxiety and also your dodgy tummy. Have your headphones on in the car close your eyes and relax if you can.

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