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1 step forward, 10 steps back (Anxiety)

Yesterday i didn't attend another job.. when will this end! I can't get a job because I'm really good in the interviews as i know they only last approx 30 mins, So i get the job all is good, and then when it comes to starting work and having an actual 6-7 hour shift, i cant bring myself to go!

I think this is a set back because a couple of days ago i met up with my friends for the first time in 3 months, i dragged my agoraphobic self off the sofa and i told myself i will not let anxiety ruin my life, so i went out i had a great time and felt positive, but now 2 days later I've had huge anxiety stress all day, shakey feeling, depersonalisation, aching legs and arms are very heavy, sad/crying all day, blaming my self, last night i kept having big twitches jumping up from my sleep, its tearing me apart :(

I start counselling on 7th January hopefully that will help, but my mum is demanding i go back to the doctors and get some medication but I'm too scared to have it :( any advice!! Xx

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Why are you scared of the medication Hun? Xx


I'm scared of any medication i won't even take a paracetomol :( i just fear that I'll react bad to it and something bad will happen x



Well done getting out with your friends even if it was a one off for now you did it !

The feelings after you experienced for a couple of days is sort of like the after shock we went out and did something as our minds and bodies are so not used to it when we trap ourselves indoors but it passes , just a delayed reaction , see if you can set yourself some more small goals :-)

If a full time job feels to much at the moment what a part time one maybe be more withing your reach it would possibly break you in more slowly ?

I totally understand you been afraid of medication , same here yet they can help so many but it will soon be January and maybe you could make a deal with yourself that you will start your Counselling where you can mention your fear about medication and if you find the Counselling alone helps as it does for many of us then you are a winner but if you find it is helping but not quiet enough then you could maybe then consider trying meds as well , it is a personal choice and I think there is no harm trying other methods but if all else fails then sometimes just for a short while meds can just give us that extra little bit of help some of us need , but deal with now at the moment and see what the New Year brings , which I hope it brings you all the best :-)

Take Care x


Such a lovely response! Thank you x


Hi. I am sorry to hear of your distress. One of the problems with anxiety and its associated illnesses like agoraphobia, is that people dont really understand what it does to you unless they have gone through similar things. They dont see any physical problem, so might very well think that it is all just a big drama we are having. But that is the good thing about sites like this. We can come here and find support and advice with no judgement being made. I am glad you are starting therapy soon - it has a good success rate. As for medication - my view is that medication is for you if you, and your doctor, feel it will help in the short term. Dont be pushed into something that you dont want to do. I wish you well.


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