Feeling like I'm gonna pass out!

So yesterday I was in the car looking down at my phone when I looked back up I felt like I was gonna pass out.. I was tired due to the fact that I worked all day. I told my boyfriend we need to go home because I got scared and thought I was gonna pass out couldn't sleep beacuse I felt like I was gonna pass out now I'm scared to even stay up or be in the car I don't wanna pass out has anyone ever havd this happen to them before?


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  • You probably just got a head rush from being exhausted. Sometimes this happens when we look at electronics and then look away quickly. I think after that its all just anxiety making you feel like you're going to pass out.

  • Thank u for talking to me I appreciate it I'm just always scared of like dying u know I have an appointment Monday with my doctors for my aniexty

  • This is a classic anxiety symptom Marisol. I had these attacks for 40 years (but still here !) and now understand that it's all about shallow breathing. When we breath in our lungs fill with oxygen (well you knew that).

    But we need carbon dioxide too, and by breathing rapidly or shallowly our oxygen doesn't have time to convert to carbon dioxide in our lungs. And the result is (often extreme) light headedness.

    And it's quite common when driving owing to sitting still and not needing much oxygen to fuel our bodies. But that can starve us of vital carbon dioxide. I had a phobia of motorway driving for many years because of the fear of passing out...............I don't any more 'cause I watch my breathing. It's that simple !

    Best wishes x

  • Thanks gun

  • I worry about fainting all the time, I think that's the fear we need to address in order to get rid of it. Why do we fear passing out so much? Is it because of previous experience, have you seen someone faint or fainted yourself, or is it just because of the anxiety and how lightheaded it makes you feel? For me personally it's both - and one fuels the other. I never passed out in my entire life but I've seen many people be taken out of church for example, all pale and blue lips and disoriented and it certainly marked me for life. I always imagined what if that was me and everyone would see me looking pale and horrible and taken out, and I would feel very embarassed. And then my anxiety started giving me horrible dizzy spells and lightheadedness, and I remembered all those faintings I have seen as a child, and those two combined just create the worst panic attacks for me. Hope you feel better! x

  • I have never faint in my whole life I. Seen people pass I just got light headed and had the feeling I was gonna pass out

  • I also have this worry of passing out or fainting xxxx

  • Hi Marisol91, I've experienced the feeling many, many times over the years. Do you see how one symptom, one negative thought can perpetuate our anxiety? Looking down whether on the phone or reading a book puts undo strain on the already tight neck muscles, so that when we put our head back up, it takes a few seconds for the blood flow to adjust per se. That momentary feeling is just that but when we get scared it tightens the back of the neck muscles even more causing us to feel faint. Trying to adjust our posture when doing these things helps. For vanity sake, it's been shown that looking down at a phone causes neck wrinkles and creases. We don't want that either :)

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