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Can't stop thinking!!! Help :(

I wrote a post couple of weeks ago, about my paranoid and anxiety thinking i might be pregnant. It all started back in september, i had sex with a friend, he joked the condom

Broke but then he swore he was just joking. After this, i got my period, a little bit lighter but i got it. I started having nauseas for 5 weeks, went to the doctor, had 2 blood quantitative pregnancy test, it came less than 1, negative. I had about 50

Home pretnancy test, all negative. I had a 3rd blood pregnancy test couple of weeks after that , i was in a middle of a anxiety episode, and went to the first urgent care i found, it came negative. I made an appt with my obgyn, because i thought having an iud so i dont have to worry about this type of scares, and ahe did a transvaginal ultrasound before insertion,i mentioned about my problem

Thinking i was pregnant, she did one more ultrasound after inserion to check correct placement. I went again after 4 weeks to check the string, had one more ultrasound. It's been almost 14 weeks after all started and i cant stop thinking i may still be pregnant! I know its impossible and sounds crazy, but i keep looking at my belly, sometimes i think i feel movement! This is just driving me crazy!!!!!!!!

Keep searching all day about my symptoms, and pregnancies and how many women dont find oud later in their pregnancy. Please i need help :(

Feeling exhausted :(

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I really don't think you are pregnant, you've had enough tests to prove that you are not. Having an iud fitted will also prove you are not pregnant. I really don't think there are any more tests you can have to tell you, you are not pregnant. Have you spoken to you GP about your fears? I think you really could do with some help about your thoughts.

Take care xx

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Hi there, I remember your earlier post, sorry to hear you're still worrying about this.

I think Winter is absolutely right in what she says.

If it's any help, my daughter has the same worry, but she has never had any sexual contact so there's no way she can be. It is all part of her anxiety. She is about to start cbt again, are you getting any sort of counselling?

Take care


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Like Winter, I think you need to talk to someone professional about your fears.

You seem to have had many tests that say it's negative so I think it must be so.

Talk to your GP and get some help. Julie xx



I agree with Winter

I think I have read you suffer with health anxiety as well & I do even though I am a lot better than I used to be but I remember when I was at my worse , I could start fixating on other fears that I knew I wouldn't cope with till I would get in a state & believe them

I don't think for one minute with all those tests that you are but even if you are getting help with your anxiety I would go back & see my GP & tell them these fears & thoughts are not getting any better & get some help , even if you are getting help let them no you need more to help you

Keep talking on here as well





Thanks everyone for your response. No, i havent talk to anyone yet, i was planning to call my Gp and she what she thinks but i lost my insurance , i should be getting new insurance in january. Definitivelty,

I think i need help because i cant stop having these ilogical Thoughts . I am so scared :(


Mummyof2, This is the first time I've contacted you, because I'm so sorry that your anxiety has caused you so much worry and grief.If we begin from the start of your post, your so called "friend" told you the condom had broken !!! then told you he was only joking, what a joke !. This sowed the seeds of doubt in your mind, and have caused you to suffer so much from anxiety and worry,ever since, despite all the tests and reassurances that your not pregnant, your mind will not accept this. Therefore due to this, the anxiety is increasing, all the time until it's driving you mad. You must accept that these medical experts cant all be wrong and accept there's not another baby due, Please o please try not to worry anymore as we all have problems that worry us. Try and forget the one's you don't need to worry about

My last piece of advice is to ditch your so called friend, if this is the effect he has on you.

My very best wishes, and my thoughts are with you.



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