Feel like giving up

i feel like I just want to give up I have bad headache every day shake all the time feel weak don't sleep and cry all the time where I feel like this every day It's getting to the point where I don't won't to go out and when I have to go out I start panicking I hate feeling like this I feel like I am a bad mum to my kids as I can't do much with them all the time I feel this way any one now how I can try and make my self feel better


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  • You need to go and see a doctor.

    There is no point in guesstimating what might be wrong but you do need to go and see a doctor.

  • I've been to the Docter and they are putting it down to vertigo I've been to the ent but they are saying I've got nothing wrong with my ears I had a ct scan that come back all ok to I am at the Docters with this every week

  • I think it depends upon what you are telling your doctor.

    Telling them that you are shaking, crying, feeling weak, get headaches and cannot sleep would not result in an ENT referral.

    Maybe you need to go and see them and tell them everything that you are feeling?

  • Anxiety and depression is doing that to me right now...I'm dizzy all day, I feel faint and I have spirts where I just cry..I've been to the ENT and other doctors...I lost my kids father in a tragic car accident and it started shortly after...I see a therapist and have been put on anti depressants... Life can be hard and I have my days where I feel like giving up...but I know my kids need me..so as hard as it is I try to push through it...

  • Hello

    Try and look at the positive & that is after having tests done there is nothing physically wrong so you can have peace of mind over that , however I no how frustrating it is when you have a symptom that just won't go away and it can be hard to think of something such as anxiety been the cause for this but believe me anxiety can give you so many physical symptoms that affect us in our daily life's and ruin the quality of our life's to

    Do you feel you are anxious ?

    If so I would speak to the Doctor , if you do not find the Doctor you see very helpful maybe see another one in the same surgery , explain how you are feeling and tell them you need some support , if it be medication or some kind of counselling make it clear you cannot go on feeling this way and if there is nothing physically wrong in their opinion then it must be a Mental Health problem and you need help

    Don't be put of by the word Mental Health , maybe you are not , I no I used to hate the word but what it means when you take it down is the brain is poorly just like any other part of your body can be and it needs some help , which when I think of it that way it makes sense

    Try not to add extra pressure on yourself thinking you are a bad Mother because a bad Mother would not care and you do care

    We sometimes as a Mum feel we should be super women running around doing these wonderful things with our kids but this is so not true

    Do you no how to give hugs ?

    Do you no how to keep them warm and a roof over their heads ?

    Do you no how to put a meal in-front of them ?

    Do you no how to look like you are listening to them and giving them attention even if your mind keeps drifting of ?

    I am sure you no how to do all the above and above all we think we should be doing with our kids , love , hugs , warmth and a full tummy is the most important things the rest are bonuses that eventually you will be able to do again when you have got yourself sorted out , this is temporary not forever so please do not feel guilty I am sure your kids still love you , they only want one Mum & that is you :-)

    Take Care x

  • Although I have no children I have been through exactly the same thing I had a year of barely going out. I thought I wasn't going to live through it but although everyone says it ut does get better. You will find the strength you need. I found meditation to be one of the best tools. having kids along side it must be so hard. Maybe you should seek some help? Maybe counselling? X

  • Have you seen a doctor and explained all your symptoms. Write them down and show him. He can run tests to see if there is a physical problem. If test shows you are fine physically, that is worry you can put away. If something is wrong, he can with your cooperation make you feel better. I read many posts that some don't believe their doctor but they have no reason to lie to you. If you are depressed, you maybe prescribed meds , take them. They take over a month for side affects to go away and you start feeling better. You do need to keep going strong for your family. Work with your doctor and just because you don't feel well immediately, just tell yourself that you are strong and you want to feel better for yourself and family. Nothing worth having does not always come easy. Be strong and determined to feel better.

  • Yes I've seen a Docter they have done test and keep telling me every think seem ok am on meds but they don't seem to be working I've been like this for nearly 6 months now

  • Tell your Dr the meds are not working . He can prescribe something else or even increasing the dosage can make the difference but do this under doctors care. I wish you well. Hang in there. Between you and your doctor you will come up with the right meds or dosage

  • What medication filmer?

  • Am on betahistine

  • But betahistine is Menieres or similar ear related, vertigo etc.

    Have you told the doctor the whole truth about what you're suffering from.

  • Yes I was At the doctors the other day told her every think where all this is worrying me I even broke down in front of her

  • Is there something in your life that stressful or making you worry ? Because you symptoms sounds like depression which is giving you anxiety, I am only saying this cause it the same symptoms I went though a week after I had my daughter 8 years ago and which I didn't get help for it and now I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.

  • My mum had 2 strokes couple months go my dad past way couple months go as well that put a big stran on me I've got big problems with my 8 year atm that don't help and I just done feel like giving up where I feel unwell all the time

  • I'm sorry to hear about your family, but life goes on. Do you have kids? Pets? A relationship?

  • I've got 3 kids

  • That's a great notion of not giving up, your kids need you by their side. If you can get though this stage you can get though anything. Chin up, I think like that everyday but my kids needs me.:) I always think what would they do without me if I just gave up? But hun chin up everything always gets better.. try going for a nice long walk when you start feeling like that.

  • I love this place am going through the same 28 male good job the lot am on antis and pranapol its nasty feeling like that I was a strong gym type of guy worked my socks off had a panic attack after drinking coffee and loads of stress before hand and now suffer with anxiety shakes nasty thoughts,first day with a psychologist I had a set back and got worse talking to someone I didn't no I want my life back theres hope I feel beter before bed time it will go stay strong am happy theres people like me out there because I felt very alone we can do it guys it can be beaten any news on emdr does it work??

  • I hope this helps you.

  • Am scered to go out a lot of the time I panic then start feeling really bad

  • I too is like that too. Really is it going to hurt you to have a panic attack? Or is it hurting you cause you don't want people to see you have a panic? Or do you like being alone when you are going to have a panic attack or with a love one?

  • Just don't like people seeing me like it

  • I am the same way and when people see me have a panic attack it makes me worse. But I put my foot down and say I need to go out I dress up in nice looking stuff, make up , hair done etc.. really people are only going to help you get though your panic attack and really your closer to medical help when ya need it.( that's the way I think). But when I know I'm going to go though a panic attack in public I go somewhere weres there's no one around perferable outside I sit down with my elbows on my knees and head on hands let the blood flow to my head sway back and fourth until my breathing gets better . I sometimes even take slow long deep breaths.

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