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My Childs been very ill

my daughter was classed as terminaly ill five years ago .....following ten major Brain surgeries she got the all clear three weeks ago .

Wveryone is telling me now to forget it she's ok ...i no this i was there every step with her but i can't .

it feels like im in a black cloud i can't leave behind am i normal do i just need to get a hold on reality im realt struggling for thefirst few days i was elated x

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This is so understandable & would be hard for any Mum to let go

I am so pleased your daughter has got the all clear ,but I totally understand how this must have left you feeling

I would go & see my GP , now your daughter has the all clear , I think its time you had some help in talking how this has affected you

Keep talking on here , people will support you

Let us no how you go on






This has been a very tough time for you. You have been through such a lot I can't begin to imagine the shock and the feelings you must have had 5 years ago and all the times since that you have been there during those brain surgeries ,it must all have been so traumatic for you. It is wonderful news that your daughter has the all clear and yes you would be elated ....but all the anxiety worry and emotions of the last 5 years I'm sure doesn't just go away...

Seek some help if necessary to help you, you have been through such a lot, go easy on yourself, most of all be kind to yourself, you are normal..the feelings you have will be as a result of the shocks, anxieties and emotions you have experienced, it's been a very hard time for you, and I'm guessing without much thought for yourself, it's all bound to have an affect....

I wish you well and I'm so pleased at your good news....take care and seek out any guidance /help you may need now....



thank you so much my GP seems to think all is good but i will try again as i am desperate i feel so low and i no i shouldn't .every time i close my eyes i see her in intensive care with her suffering and drips n drains coming from her Brain ive tried to forget but i can't ....Thanx again x


Yes do go back to your GP and tell them what you have said here...print this off if necessary

Good luck and take care



Thankyou x i will x


Firstly I wanted to send love to you and your family on such great news, secondly, you have had to be the strong one for five years and be there day and night, we all know its what us mums do but for so long the pressure has been on you. Now you have had the fabulous news it's your turn to be the one needing help as it was traumatic and worrying for you and now you have got the permission to express the stress. My mum went through the same as she was caring for my grandfather for years he was ill and when the stress and time was taken from her she had a big spell of depression and post traumatic stress. We got told by her doctor it's very common and she needed rest and talking therapy, she also took anti depressants for a few months to assist but that's not for everyone. Keep on to the doctor, you have a right to get some support now, it's your turn to be loved, and pampered. All the best let us all know how you are going xxxxxx love and best wishes Louise x


That is fantastic news about your daughter. But I can also understand what has happened to you - all this stuff has built up over this period but where you were all busy fighting it didn't really get to you, but now you have won that battle there is a massive void, almost like a sense of above you really need to talk to your doctor about ptsd...wishing you and your family the best of luck



How can you not be otherwise. You have been through a hell of a lot. I can only admire you.

You must have been on auto all through this and now the body is starting to settle, of course you'll need help yourself.

What a good result for you and your family. Do go and see your GP and ask for help. It's time to enjoy your life with your child and get back on a good track.

My thoughts are with you. All the best. Crickey, if you've gone through what you've had you'll deffo get through this. xxx


Thankyou so much for all your comments you have all made me realise im not stupid for feeling this way .im going to make an appointment with the GP ASAP .

Thankyou xxx


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