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Loss of appetite during bout of strong anxiety?

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Hello all,

I am a new member and wanted to stay hello. I also wanted to ask a question. When I have a bout of strong anxiety the first thing that goes is my appetite. It’s as if my stomach completely shuts down and food is the last thing I could possibly want. But I realize not eating or drinking can cause more problems and dehydration, so it’s a vicious cycle. I know many people tend to eat more when anxious. Maybe the answer is to just not fight it and listen to my body, but my doctor says to not get dehydrated. So I’ve been forcing myself to drink and eat as much as I can. I’m hoping to get some comfort by hearing from others who experience this and, if you’d like, what’s worked for you in breaking this cycle. Or even if you can simply relate and share your experience, I’ll feel less alone in this. Thank you for reading.

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Yes, I am the same way. I try to eat what tastes good because I could go the day without eating easily. I am the opposite of a stress eater. Good things to drink are nice if you are so inclined. (I have absorption problems, so that helps anyway.) Some people like smoothies. To be honest, I cannot say I’ve been able to break the cycle, it’s just me. But I keep things around I like and can tolerate that people might think are weird. (Cereal appeals to me when I have little appetite, strange though it is.) And I’m always sure I have something frozen or packaged that I might like. Hope this might help. I totally get it. Take care.💐

I too hv this symptom . I lose my appetite completely and can go without food the entire time . Especially cant eat tasty stuff ... which otherwise I like ... can tolerate bland food by forcing myself to eat a bit

Otherwise I m a compulsive eater

I think no point to try and force feed too much as it is difficult for me . I just force eat enaf bare minimum so that I don’t get weak

I lost 15 pounds due to lack of appetite and severe anxiety..

I’m not far behind ....

Can totally relate as well. Think this is extremely common. Just did it tonight couldnt eat. Usually if you wait it out appetite comes back in a bit. In a pinch try a banana if you can. Its the one thing i can stomach when anxious. I think the potassium in them helps with anxiety.

Yeah me too.

I find I lose my appetite just when I'm serving up dinner in the evenings.

And quite often I only crave bland food (egg bacon chips bread) And completely go off the food I used to love(Mexican Indian etc)


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