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Hot flashes in left calf


Hi, did somebody experienced a hot flashes in leg or somewhere ?

I have it for a while already. It comes and goes a few times per hour. It is like hot water in the calf, but it is not hot on touch , just the feeling of the warmest inside. It lasts always just couple of seconds.

Sometime it goes even thru the body. But not very often. Mostly it is in the left calf.

Can anxiety cause this too ?

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Yes! I also experience hot flashes and cold ones as well this is all thanks to anxiety! Just try to remain calm and don't overthink or google your symptoms because the worse things will come up. This is completely normal as far as anxiety symptoms go. Just try to remain calm 😊

Marci76 in reply to levymaria

thank you for your reply :) glad to hear im not the only one with this :) and yeah.. i always google.. and then i am really still worse.. must try to avoid it.. :)

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