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Daytime fear

I have always had a mix of depression and anxiety but have been able to somewhat control it with meds. But a month ago I had a major surgery and have been off work. I have my days and nights mixed up, sleeping all day and staying up at night. I have noticed that when I do try to stay up during the day I have extreme anxiety. But at night I am very relaxed, able to think about plans for the future, and hopeful. But once daylight comes I just feel like the world is closing in on me and such a sense of doom. So I just sleep. Every time the phone rings or I get a text my heart sinks with dread of what it could be. My teen recently got into some legal trouble that we are still trying to deal with, so maybe that's part of it. I just feel like the daytime scares me to death. And the fear of going back to work, getting back into routine is terrifying. Everyday I feel like there's just one bad thing after another right around the corner. Night is my only relaxing time which I guess may be why I have been staying up all night. Does anyone have advice?

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Hi, I too suffer in the day with heart palpitations and dizziness with the dread I need to return to work in 2 weeks. I overthink everything so I am just trying to keep busy so I don't think. It's a challenge and I am full of fear. I'm paranoid as well. Just keep sharing your thoughts as you are not alone. Together we can fight this. 👍


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