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Ok so tonite I haven't took my anti depressant. I only have to take one a day and that's a fear in it self. I suppose this fear cant just go that quick but in time I will over come it. Like everything else its going to take time. Like wen anxiety first came I stopped drinking coffee and coke as I was told it stimulated it, so I had a fear of drinking them incase. It gave me a panic attack. It sounds stupid now but I over came it and have been drinking them again for a gud few mths. I know that there's sum of u out there with the same fear and that is comforting xxx

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Hi donaf

First i must say what a beautiful pic

I have been looking for your post tonight

O dear its a tricky one & I cant say anything as i am no better when it comes to meds

Well you did well & when you are ready you will have another go , I am sure & we will all be here for you as you already no :-)

How did your sons Birthday go ? hope you both had a great day !

You are still staying positive which is the right attidude , these things can take time


whywhy xxx


Oh dear donaf, I feel for you. I was so frightened when I first went to the doctor many years ago and was offered tranquilisers. I refused them, but I didn't get better so I went to a different doctor and cried with relief when I was offered anti-depressants! They did make me better, so I hope you can find something to help you too.Maybe you could reward yourself when you have taken your anti-depressant...chocolate or something so that you associate it with something pleasant. I reward myself with a cup of Earl Grey when I need it, not because it's good for me, I just like Earl Grey tea! Wish I could be more helpful, but at least you know there are people here who understand.

I've been on these tablets for myths and was taking one day, I very rary missed one. but ova the last few mths I've grown a fear of them. I will try doing that Ann. I will b ready tomorrow to start again whywhy. I was for all the mths I hardly missed any, say I started my first one out the box on a Friday, each day I wud take one and count so I knew I was on the rite day. then with my missed one's leave them in and just miss the missed one's out. I'm going to go back to doing that maybe it may help. the thing is then I stand there counting them ova and ova. but then again I can give them to my partner to count for me as he says I can't help it and if it stops me from counting them so much he will do it for me to put my mind at rest. I feel silly for it but I can't help it xxx my son enjoyed his birthday, and we went shopping with no problems thanx whywhy xxx

in reply to donaf

Hi donaf

I have to take several tablets for blood pressure , stomach etc

I used to be like you , always checking & then not remembering if I had taken one or not

So in a morning I now take out my tablets I should take & put them in a cup , that way i can see by the end of the day if I have taken them or not , I do it as soon as I get up , it works for me & stops me worrying

You can buy these pill boxes , they can be bought in most places , think even pound shop does them now , they have different days & you put your tablets in for the week & you can see staright away if you have taken them , lots use them as I think its a common problem

I make do with a cup though , works for me , its my tablet cup , I call it lol

Look out for your post later

Have a lovely day


whywhy xxx

Your looking beautiful!!!! Xxxxx

Try green tea? Red bush? Chamomile? Xxxx

thanx Minnie, I don't know y that pic luks big, was supposed to b my profile picture and its not cumming up as it on my laptop lol I will try and give one of them a try thanx xxx

I always liken it to any illness. If you had something wrong with your heart, kidneys or ilver you would most likely be on some sort of meds, If you had a broken leg you wouldn't leave it, you would get treatment for it. Our brains are just another part of our body that gets out of sync now and again and the tablets help us put that right, Don't be afraid of them they are helping you to get better and that will be so good for you and your family. All the very best.


Great your partner supports you and helps you count them,that alone makes a huge difference

I have a box Donaf with days and times on as I couldn't for the life in me remember if I had taken it or not lol, don't worry love we are all the same x Ella x

Hey smiley, Donaf .lovely pic,......Do you feel ok after not taking it,?

What did you feel like on it?

and Ann Chus funnily enough Earl Grey Tea , Oooo nothing like a cup of smell nice tea! which is gorgeous, it has bergamot orange essenctial oil in it which works on the mood limbic centres of the brain, all the orangey citrusey and grapefruit, ones are known for bring feelings of joyful mood. and essential oils are known for lifting moods.

Chocolate also increases serotonin as do fish /tuna etc, bananas , and cottage cheese ,the b vitamins...(the dreaded or marvellous marmite is a good source) is for stress and nervous probs, magnesium and calcium , often people with depression and anxiety are deficient in these minerals and the b vitamins ) or st johns wort, chamomile tea .

Hope these helps, but if ur gonna stop taking ur anti ds,/serotonin uptakin inhibitors .

I would recommend supplementing your diet with natural serotonin, if your still feeling a bit low rather than not take anything at all.

Best wishes, to all, Vics x


All these years that is the first time ive heard anyone say that.......... I thought it was just me with these oddities!

Thank you so much for posting this, i would never have known others felt the same way! I havent drank tea or coffee for almost 30 years, no alcohol either, and All meds are a complete no no!

Ive also just read your other more recent post where you have the fear of going to the docs, that ia also my fear, i will not go!

Its a really nice feeling to know that someone else feels the same ,,, Thank you for posting your feelings :)

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