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Accepting your fears.

For the longest time I thought I would never have my life back again. I went to therapy, saw a psychiatrist that was a shitty psychiatrist, but I kept pushing.

I did 4 sessions of therapy and that's all,

It didn't help for shit! The psychiatrist was shitty and didn't focus on my symptoms at all so I said screw it!

Now to be clear with you guys, I was at a point in my life where I thought I was going psychotic/ schizophrenic. My symptoms were, loud thoughts, random words or phrases that popped out of no where, dp/dr, fearful all the time, weakness, tremors, intrusive thoughts about going insane, and the list keeps going.

It came to the point where I was tired of fighting, as I was fighting them everyday and my anxiety was really bad. It started affecting me at work, with my friends, with my family, I started staying in, and was pretty much depressed and fearful all the time. One of the things I notice was that it was all a cycle, same thoughts, same fears, and same symptoms every. single. Damn. day. Realizing it was a cycle helped a lot because as days went by I also started realizing that I wasn't going crazy. Other things that helped was to stop caring. If I'm going crazy then what? If I end up in a mental hospital then what? I accepted my fears, I accepted the symptoms and now most of them are gone. I do still struggle here and there but accepting my fears has helped a lot and I feel like I have my life back!

Thank you all for the support!

Also don't forget that if y'all need someone we're all here to be there for each other!

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Thanks for this post, because what you described is currently my living hell.. i often think I will never get better. I am nearly always in fear. Sometimes the intrusive thoughts are so frightening. I know I have to stop caring about these thoughts and feelings, and when I find the courage I understand the battle can be one, but I can't seem to switch of the fear. I hope to be as strong as you one day. Huge congrats on your achievement.

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Fidget, it's very scary but we're in control. We gotta stay strong and remind our selfs that it's just a cycle. Stay strong and remember that I'm here if you ever need someone to talk too.

Acceptance overcomes all. Whether you discovered this for yourself or were influenced by the writings of Doctor Claire Weekes, who first advocated Acceptance 50 years ago, you have demonstrated the effectiveness of accepting fears and symptoms as a path to recovery and are an example to all.

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Thanks jeff It wasn't easy at first but we are in control.

Hi joser805 firstly I want to thankyou for sharing your experience with us all,you are living proof you can get anxiety/panic sorted ! Well done you.I'm sure you will give so many people on here encouragement the answer is accept all the symptoms and thoughts and learn to NOT FEAR them and eventually you lose your fear of them .

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Yes, accepting wasn't easy because how can I accept something that causing distress. Let me tell ya that it's the best thing I've done.

How did you accept them. I'm trying hard to do that but can't figure out how too

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It was hard at first but it's a cycle. If you think about the times that you thought you were gonna die, you were so convince that your body was about to drop dead there, but did it happen? No it didn't, you gotta accept the symptoms let them be there even if they cause distress. write them down, sing some kareoke, something active to keep your mind off things and eventually you'll recognize the thoughts and tell your self nope! I'm not going back down that road again. It takes time but I encourage you to do it. When your thoughts come do something to distract your mind right away, don't sit there and think that you're dying or that there's something wrong with your health.

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Ok... I've started writing them down and just trying to ignore them. That sometimes works but not always

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That's a good step. Trust me, it use not help for me either but eventually it did and now when I get symptoms I know right away that I can't psych my self out. You can do this and I can help if you need me

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Thanks so much. I definitely want to learn to accept my fear I know my husband gets tired of hearing I'm gonna have a heart attack every other day. I have to learn to trust my doctors and know that anxiety and worry and make your body do crazy things

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Aliciar, the person who developed acceptance as the road to recovery is Claire Weekes, an Australian doctor, who suffered from anxiety disorder herself. In her first book 'Self help for your nerves' she explains better than anyone can how to successfully practice Acceptance. If you only read one more book in your life this is it and it's available from Amazon.

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Just ordered that book I hope it helps me

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Of about 350 readers who wrote reviews on Amazon 90% rated it Very Good or Excellent so there's a good chance it will help you.

Im reading this crying alone... All u feel i feel yesterday i feel i will explode, dizziness, nausea, vomitting i dont know i feel i sugar but ive done fbs its clear its negative thankz to god, but i need to empty my bladder for like 30times a day, i dont knoa im afraid of fainting, im afraid im dying, im living in a box were no where out... Sad,sad,saddddd....

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