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Anxiety is a beast


new to sharing but reading so many posts about people going through it is somewhat calming. I have chronic anxiety (mine ties with hypochondriac) basically I think im dying or worst case health scenario. its terrible and lately the palpitations keep me from working out which I enjoy. breathing doesn't always help control it, I cant talk myself out of them and I feel so helpless and trapped, like these will never stop

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I can relate to this i feel the same way right now.

mtej87 in reply to Cwoods

I'm so sorry .. Its such hell

I'm exactly like you my friend. I can say your palpitations are directly anxiety induced which I think you are aware of. You said it prevents you from working out which is extremely understandable . To be honest...Breathing doesn't help. It's a basic human action and it doesn't help you feel better. I will tell you that support will help much more. I couldn't talk myself out of these issues either. You either sit there until you can't take it anymore or You start to feel better. As far as feeling trapped and helpless. We on this site are here to help you when you feel like this. To feel trapped means you feel like there's no escape and there's no escape from your mind but we can liberate you from this horrifying place.

Thank you so much .. I find some solace knowing I am not alone in this hell ... I just wish it would somehow go away

It will, Just give it time. You'll likely forget it even happened

For me, reading about other people's anxiety makes me feel worse. Weird, huh? It gives me a sense that it's an unfixable problem.

mtej87 in reply to stephsharik

I hear you .. I keep reading that its something you just live with forever , Its been 2 years for me and honestly I dont know if I can keep with it

Me too still trying to get over this it's not easy though ☹️

Unfortunately the mind is such a powerful thing .. I always describe it as having two people in your head , one is logical and the other one is hell on earth

Exactly! Ugh...

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