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Anxiety is back with a vengeance

Hello everyone I've been so well for just over a year and just out the blue I've woken up this morning and I'm shaking running to the loo anxious as ought and keep thinking something bad is going to happen to me wen I'm on my own as my hubby is at work I know it sounds silly but I'm 41 and I can't seem to snap out to f it I'm burning up big time can't seem to get a grip on myself please help anyone xxx

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Nothing you have said sounds silly and well done with feeling so much better over the last year :-)

Has something happened to trigger this of again or have you stopped doing something that was helping you ?

Anxiety can sneak up on us when least expected but you have come though it before and how you are feeling now you will do it again as you have proven you can you just need to let that anxiety know again you are the strongest :-)

Take Care x


Thanks bounce yes i think it could be a few things its my mums 9 year anniversary this month also my 19 year old daughter has moved out and i hardly hear from her now and it breaks my heart that i cant seem to reach her at the minute so think thats why ive triggered it off xx


O you have the answers there ...I know when it is my Mum's Anniversary I always get worked up and start been different without me even realizing it till I look on the calendar and think well this is why I am feeling so bad then , it does not matter how many years seem to pass when it get's to that time again it can feel like you are feeling all the pain just as roar like you did the day you lost them and I think this is normal , accept that is what is happening and it will pass as difficult as it is

I always get my Mum some flowers I have a picture in a nice frame of her and I stand them there and tell her everything I would tell her if she was here with me , is there anything you do ?

Now I already have had 2 that have fled the nest some years ago now but have one left and I have to be honest I am dreading the day when he says he is leaving home :-o Been a Mum has took most of my life and I know you are always a Mum but once they stand on there own two feet and fly you do feel it , like an emptiness that you are looking around having no clue how to fill but as time goes on you do adapt

Not sure why she is not in contact , could be she is exercising her independence but as long as she knows that door is always open she will be back when she is ready :-)

I hope you will see now what has triggered you of and know anxiety is not back for good but it is a difficult time for you and you are allowed to wobble a bit but remember this is temporary :-) x


Your feelings are shared by many - it's just that we feel so alone when this happens to us. The trick is to somehow not dwell on those things that scare the hell out of us - after all, it's our thoughts that perpetuate the anxiety and the sensations.

I find it really hard to try and interject all those scary and negative thoughts so I do something called tapping or EFT and it does seem to help a bit. If you google it you will find loads of videos on youtube.

Lots of love and hugs


I feel like I could've posted this word for word. I had been so good for a couple years and then BOOM it's back. I didn't have an obvious trigger but think I know of a few things that may have tipped it off. Just didn't seem like enough to bring it back regularly. Mine started up again about 6 months ago and I am still struggling but trying to remember that I've been through it before and kicked it in the butt before. You did too and you can do it again. Believe it. We will all get through it together😊


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