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Fight the anxiety beast!

Hello all !!! So I feel like I want to have an anxiety attack in turn makes me worried about have a good old panic attack ! πŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ™„πŸ˜’ however I know if I do it won't kill me ! Because it can't ! It's impossible! So I keep talking to myself in a positive manner! My partner in out of town for work for a week . So I'm home with our daughter. He is definitely my safety person. I know nothing bad will happen if he is here 😊 However nothing bad will happen to me even if he is not . Maybe this is the boost I need ! Prayers for strength please!

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If you find that you are struggling to keep yourself grounded without your partner you could try writing them a letter, writing down all the things that are making you anxious and when you speak to him on the phone or when he returns home, he can relieve you of all the anxiety you have by reassuring you.

Im glad you know nothing bad will happen to you!!

sending plenty of prayers your way

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Thanks !!! That's a great idea. All though he doesn't always understand my anxieties he some what try's not to get frustrated . Feels good to know I have everyone on here ! I have already struggled a bit of wavy vision but managed to pull myself out of it , before I started to really be consumed and thinking that I have something wrong with my brain πŸ˜’ Health anxiety sucks !


I fully understand! My boyfriend of 2 years gets very frustrated at me also because he just doesnt understand sometimes. If you know there is something you are anxious about that you know he wont understand feel free to message me or to write a post on here to vent your feelings!

Well done you for pulling yourself through the wavy vision!!

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God is always with you. He watches out for us always!πŸ˜‡πŸ€—We also have guardian angels, so when he is away they are even more protective of you. πŸ˜™


When I feel I start to get anxious I try to do breathing exercises x they do help x


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