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2 years of hell

So I've been posting on here about my medical condition ive been dealing with and how ive had tons of bloodwork, mri, ct, eeg, cortisol, testosterone and much more checked ive been having dizzy spells and feeling mentally different time goes by quicker my memory is terrible and my eyes are filled with tons of floaters, the most recent blood work showed my crp and sed rate where higher than normal and now I'm freaking out about lupus, lymphoma and lukemia. My mother has lupus and i know it can be genetic ive also been having Tingiling in my hands and feet in the mornings

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what were your B12 levels like? The test is one that needs interpretation in light of symptoms but most GPs not aware of this so see it is back in normal range and don't go any further - though normal range actually misses 25% of people who are deficient. -

symptoms here


more information and support on PAS forum



I'm not sure but i have an apoinment today so I'll see if he can check it and ill get back to you


I'm in the same boat. It's frustrating especially when specialists have no answers for you.

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Any news?


Also floaters are normal I would worry if you had none.


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