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5 months of living in hell

Hi guys so i have alot to talk about so for the past 5 months ive been slowly developing a severe chronic derelization and numbness in my hands and face. I've had 3 ct scans and mri and eeg of brain and all where normal,  basically i feel like I'm losing my mind and self and am scared if this keeps going I'll die or become insane, I've also had alot of blood work done all which has come out fine I'm just wondering if I'm missing something or if something chemically wrong is happening to my head. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions  i feel like I'm losing it. 

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Unfortunately all of the things are linked to an anxiety disorder. Yes even thinking you'll get worse, lose your mind, die, go crazy, pass out. I've had these feelings for years on and off and nothing more has ever happened. I find my anxiety is worse if I don't sleep enough, eat well, excersize or take vitamins. It's very crucial to take care of yourself. 


Have you found any relief?


No i haven't


This is a link to a check list of symptoms of B12 deficiency


The tests that are done for B12 aren't as conclusive as they could be and it is quite possible to be deficient but for your results to be in the 'normal range'.  Unfortunately GPs aren't aware of this.  If you think it is likely I'd recommend getting hold of your exact test results - particularly B12 and folate - and posting them on the PAS forum on health unlocked

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I think Gambit has some good advice for you, I would look at B12 deficiency as a starting point, I became unable to swallow due to a B12 deficiency and it was only because I had a B12 shot to alleviate bursitis pain in my hip and my swallowing issues subsided that I put two and two together on this one.  Don't underestimate how powerful a B12 deficiency can be and doctors only rely on a blood serum scale that is so low a threshold that you can have serious mental and physical issues and they still won't give you a shot.  Here is my story along with some symptoms in case it is helpful .  All the best.


Still been going on ive tried lots of more stuff ive even had b12 injections to no avail


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