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Has anyone tried ect for anxiety


I just wanted to ask if anyone had received ect for anxiety and if it helped you? I know its suitable for depression but not sure if it helps for anxiety. I suffer from severe panic panic attacks daily and have been bed bound for the last few months its no way of life. I cannot take anti depressants due to them causing me non epileptic seizures so this is my last straw so to speak as i feel i cant cope with these panic attacks any longer. Thanks for reading x

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Hi flimsymimsy, that's a good question because I know it's usually used for severe depression. However, my psychiatrist is now doing in office procedure that is meant for anxiety. It can be used alone or to enhance the medication the patient is on. It's called "Transdermal Electrical Neurostimulation Therapy" It's basically a tens unit. The electrodes are clipped on each ear lobe as you sit or lie down for 15-20 minutes and relax. It is not painful and doesn't require any anesthetic as ECT does.

I have not had it done since my anxiety is under control. I did talk with a couple of his patients who swear by it helping them with their anxiety. The method directs current stimulation to certain localized brains areas without causing seizures.

I'm in Chicago. Depending where you are, it might be worth bringing up to your psychiatrist. I really hope you get some help. Panic Attacks are very hard to deal with. Good Luck and keep us updated as to how you do. x

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