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Has anyone ever tried heavy CBD strains of Marijuana to help with their anxiety?


I've been looking into Medical Marijuana and though I don't smoke or am fond of the smell, it is a natural plant. And I rather try that, than to immediately jump in the big pharmaceutical industry for medicine. I'm in the perfect state to try it (CO), and I was curious to see if anyone has given it a go. I know strains with higher THC are to avoid as they can make anxiety worse. But is it worth investing in because I have found other ways to have it enter the body besides just smoking it. And I'm willing to try just about anything to help these side effects from my panic disorder subside.

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Hi daveets4, it certainly sounds like you have researched Medical Marijuana for Anxiety. You are lucky that Colorado is one of the approved states. Anxiety/Panic is all about accepting and being calm and if the Marijuana would help you through that, I don't see anything wrong. I'd be very interested in knowing how you do on it should you decide to go that route. Good Luck to you and keep us updated please.

As Agora says, Acceptance of your symptoms temporarily will break the circle of anxiety causing symptoms causing anxiety causing symptoms. It stops first fear turning to second fear and with time your nervous system becomes desensitised. If you haven't already read it you will find reassurance and how to implement Acceptance in Claire Weekes' legendary book 'Hope and help with your nerves' in the U.S. and 'Self help with your nerves' in the U.K. available from Amazon.

As for marijuana, it has shown in clinical trials (-but don't ask me the source) to trigger psychosis, in some people more than others but all will become affected to some degree in the end, and maybe people with nervous sensitisation it's sooner rather than later, and the last thing people with anxiety symptoms need is psychosis, I have seen it affect too many people to deny it, my advice would be to avoid marijuana like the plague.

Everyone is diffrent. Made me worse

Very interesting question.

I've been fortunate, through the good grace of God, to not go on any type of medications for my anxiety. My brother has however, and strongly suggest NOT going the medicated route, SSRI's and such. They made him feel worse and "zombie" like. So he switched to a more natural thing, which is Marijuana.

He prefers is much more than the prescribed medication. But I need to say that he did take the meds WITHOUT consultation with a therapist which I highly recomended since you will be going through changes.

To answer your question, every one reacts differently, and I think it is worth a try. I have and I like it, a lot.... lol But I only do it if I need to relax. So something like a Indica.

Devin76oh, so Indica (which I've heard of before) is a more calming aspect of Marijuana? I didn't realize there were different strains. Having Fibromyalgia, I know of patients who use this for pain relief. Another question is, who would prescribe Indica? Does it need a prescription? Where do you purchase it? Right now, I am content with how I have accepted and approached anxiety and fibro. It is a new and interesting subject. Thanks Devin for your inputs to the forum. They are valued.

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