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Amitriptyline Withdrawals / Slowly giving up

Sat here at 0330 after trying and failing to sleep for 3 and a half hours.

Amitriptyline withdrawals kicking my a**e!

My GP said you'll either not get addicted or get addicted and judging from my personality, I knew id probably end up getting addicted. Guess I was right lol!

Slowly giving up now, nothing seems to be working. Gone from improving to going right back and even getting worse than what it used to be.

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I have faith in you mate deep down your a strong ass man who can work threw anything fight my friend fight with everything you have and always remember im here for you

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Having withdrawal symptoms does not necessarily mean you are addicted. May mean the amount of the medication reduction and the period over which the reduction is made may not be correlated exactly to the chemistry of your body. So maybe your doctor or druggist needs to adjust that.

Was on a muscle relaxer for a few weeks about three years ago that actually made me think I was crazy. Waited up at nights just to get enough morning light so I could be walking my dog for miles just because I couldn't do anything else but keep moving to try to cope with the anxiety. So the doctor who Rx the med told me to stop taking it.

That did make me worse, if that were possible, Not able to function at all....figured out later I was going through withdrawal and even NA felt I should go to an inpatient facility for safety. I stuck it out, but took months before I could even drive to the NA meeting where the members were trying to help me through the withdrawal. That doctor should have had me on a gradual reduction of that medication. He no longer practices medicine.

Hope you manage to get some rest soon....but if you are not on the right rate of reduction of medication, you may have some more sleepless nights. Keep posting. Is 11 pm here in US EST, so folks on US west coast may just be coming home from late dinner, and people in Australia will be rising soon to start their day. People throughout the world, as you know, always reading the posts, messages and replying to help you get through this.

We are always here for you.


I hope u feel better soon..hugs to u 💕💕💕💕💕💕and I'm praying for u.


Hi TheInjuredBiker! I hear you. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do but hang in there.

It's like riding the rafts in raging waters bouncing up and down but know that eventually you get to the calming smooth waterway. Stay strong. It's so worth it. Take care.


I had no idea that people can get addicted to amitriptyline.... I have been on it for a couple of months now on 10 mg for sleep. How long have you been on it?


Amitriptyline withdrawal can be ghastly for some people, I knew one kid whose meds were cut by 1/3 by accident, when she changed syrups to lose some colourants; despite starting on 10 and only losing only 1/3 she spent 6 weeks wide awake screaming at the giant spiders coming to get her! Hang on in, take it slow, and treat yourself every day; if it gets bad ask for professional help to handle the screaming abdabs!


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