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Giving up with anxiety


I just need someone to talk to. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder a couple of months ago and my life hadn't been the same. I am taking medicine at the moment. It's helps keep me calm, but the physical symptoms take a toll on me. Shakes, headaches everyday, nausea sometimes, and tiredness. I also kinda feel really depressed with it and wondering if I'll ever be normal again. I just feel like giving up sometimes... anyone else?

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Don't ever give up, keep yourself busy and dont give yourself time think about it. You will be OK, the anxiety won't harm you but you need to get out of the habit of thinking about it by keeping busy and learning to switch it off.

Alyssa21 in reply to Hidden

Thankyou I'll try my best to do so! I'll just keep trying

Hidden in reply to Alyssa21

Just keep busy with doing stuff you love to do. You will be fine. ☺

It's the physical symptoms do it to most of us .. Then they stress us and we get more it's that never ending cycle.. Don't give up .. Better days will come. We know how you are feeling.. Take care .

Alyssa21, almost all of us on this forum have experienced the shakes, headaches, nausea and tiredness you describe. So you are not unique, you are not alone. When we continually suffer from anxiety it can make us depressed, a sort of secondary depression caused by worrying about anxiety. When your anxiety passes so will the depression, you'll see. And Yes you will recover from the general anxiety disorder and regain your quiet mind once more. What I can't tell you is exactly when.

Before all these anxiety symptoms began you must have been under a lot of stress and worry. Finally your nervous system has had enough and it becomes super sensitive. If that stress and worry are still with you try to resolve them: think of someone you know who will give you good advice and discuss the problem with them and see what they say. If you can resolve those issues that caused your GAD it will be so much easier to recover.

When your nervous system becomes sensitised in GAD everything can seem exaggerated. Minor fears can become major obsessions. I better notmention any examples or it might give you ideas☺ Small aches and pains and sprains become serious illnesses in our tired minds. And small problems in our lives become huge obstacles. Our over sensitive nerves are exaggerating everything and are very good at imitating real physical illness.

Medications are helpful in giving us a holiday from the bad feelings. But they can't provide a permanent solution. The way to achieve that, and eventual recovery, is to stop fighting the symptoms and just go with the flow. In other words, accept all the bad feelings your shattered nerves throw at you without adding more fear. After all, you know very well that over sensitive nerves have their limitations: they're not life threatening, can't send you insane and can't damage your body in any way.

So for the time being try to Accept the bad feelings without letting them frighten you half to death. Practice relaxation techniques when you feel them coming, feel every muscle in your body slowly going limp and let the symptoms roll past you without adding fresh fear to your nervous system. And eventually you will find that because you have lost your fear of all those bad feelings, your over sensitised nervous system will start to de-stress and return to normal. And when that day comes, as come it surely will, all the bad feelings will disperse and you will regain your quiet mind and take control of your life once more.

Alyssa21 in reply to Jeff1943

Thanks for the word of advice. Ik I have to fight this despite all these symptoms. Just keep taking it day by day.

Bon125 in reply to Jeff1943

Jeff1943....thank you. Very impactful. You said in one paragraph a simple explanation for GAD, at least mine. Its hard to reframe the coping mechanisms I have used to fight GAD, but understand how they are just hurting me more and others around me. As a high functioning GAD, it is so hard to attain my own expectations. Good food for thought to discuss with my therapist

you know what I found that really helped me was to exercise; walking, running cardio. 1 it got my mind off over obsessing about every little pain in my body. 2 you feel like your are making your body healthier and in turn mentally feeling a little better. I gave myself a panic disorder worrying about the next panic attack or why am I so shaky. When I turned to medicine and positive thinking and not focusing on the strange feelings and letting it go in my mind I am so much better. I was in and out of the ER 2-3 times a week for 4 months and felt this panic disorder diagnosis was wrong. This chat group helps calm too

Alyssa21 in reply to mosesmam

I will try to exercise tomorrow, thanks for the advice!

Hang in there smile and your thoughts change!

The method of Acceptance for reversing the over sensitisation of the nervous system that causes anxiety disorder was worked out many years ago by Claire Weekes in her first book 'Self help with your nerves'. She had experienced anxiety disorder herself as a young woman studying to be a doctor and cured herself through Acceptance. She then spent the rest of her life promoting her Acceptance method for recovery and in the last 40 years her books have helped literally hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to recover. Her book(s) are still available from Amazon and I strongly recommend the one I have mentioned as it was decisive in my recovery too.

In contrast to what many believe, she advocates NOT fighting the symptoms of anxiety but temporarily Accepting them without fear (her books explain how) and NOT to try to blank the symptoms out of your mind with distractions but to Face the symptoms. As with many things in life often the best course of action to take is the OPPOSITE of the one that first comes to mind!

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