Insomniac not sleeping even with diazepam, med change today

I've been back to docs today, he's changed my medication from mirtazapine to seretine and Zoloft to help me sleep. still got to take diazepam if I get in a panic. so pretty soon should be well chilled. As it happens my son had appointment at his doc today and he has been put on a low dose of citalopram. This is new for him, he's never had antidepressants before but like me he has been an insomniac for years. I'm feeling quite positive that we've both taken action.


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  • What's the Zoloft like for u? Do u feel okay on it as I have been giving this too

  • I've only just took it about 45mins ago ive been reading should feel sleepy after 30 mins,,,,nothing yet just feel a bit edgy and hungry, my legs are jerking a bit. I think it varies on t he person. do you have anything else to take with it?

  • They have just given me them but I am still terrified of taking them. With me having anxiety I get really anxious about taking tablets cos I worry how they will make me feel and I don't wanna feel any worse than am already feeling

  • I think when you get to that point, which I was at believe me....but something clicks and following what the Dr says is probably the best way to go. Most tablets you can break in half and maybe get someone to help you and be with you to reassure you while you take them Sometimes I still need that little push off my boyfriend he's there holding the glass of water for me when I take mine (some of the time) and he rushes me on with it or I would be sat holding tablet in my hand till it dissolved. Just remember they've been prescribed to make you feel better, they are not likely to make you feel any worse and if they don't work well enough you can get them changed. I took mine in the end and all that happened was my legs were a bit restless and a teeny tiny bit of nay=usea. so it's not too bad. Let me know how you get on.

  • Hi Laurie

    When I first took Mitrazipine 45mgs they worked wonderful but time pass they don't do anything. I am to afraid of changing because I have gone through withdrawals and it was the worse feeling everything comes back anxiety ptsd depression all hit hard. I hope your meds work .

    What is Zoloft for and did they help?

  • What does the dr say? Its good the mirtazapine worked for you at first. I imagine you would need a blood test to find out what level your seretonin is. There is natural ways to increase it.

  • Watch your son on the citalopram, i eas 18 first time I was put on them and that led to a psychotic breakdown

  • Ooh thats concerning i will chat with him about it. Thanks.

  • I was given clomipramine once and because the tablet was tiny I took 3 instead on one I had to phone the doctor because I was getting muscle spasms and my arms i had no control of moving them my should muscle tightened it was frightening. My son just text bye.

  • That happened to me with prednisolone ever since ive had carpal tunnel syndrome and the strength in my grip never came back. Hope you dont get it again i understand its scary. Xx

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