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Only a small bit of appetite??? advice?

I still eat, food, regular meals everyday & I started going to the park and walking. I also seem to hate everything and everyone, not really like me. when did this happen and why? I recently got into a fight with someone over something really petty. I've been to psychiatrists and taken paxil, but the effects to be limited....i don't really take medication consistently because I don't like it, but I'm wondering if hating everyone and not wanting to eat go hand in hand???? At this point I have started taking st johns wort, but my inuition tells me there is some other cause for my body's changes. I feel hungry but just not ravenous and my tummy grumbles sometimes but also it feels like I cant seem to get up the energy to do things, except for calm activities like walking. I sometimes wish , this is a strange wish that I were pregnant because I think it would knock my body back into its natural state. I've been to my GP three times...in the last 4 years, each time to ask about my energy problems. I've sought healing through reiki,,...and I've been to talk therapy, but i never really finished with my talk therapist. I had a job, but I quit. I want to apply to grad school, but I'm very worried/annoyed/not sure what the hell is wrong with my energy. I now can afford only to go back to one more psychiatrist. I have already spent thousands of my own money and my mother's money on mental health people. I feel so frustrated like everyone else wakes up every day with this cushion of energy and health that guides them through their day.

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I went through the same thing. It's normal to lose your appetite with anxiett/depression so I drank protein shakes when I felt I couldn't eat and just snack here and there as much as you can (healthy snacks that is). I also started becoming irritable with everything and everyone which is really unlike me as well. Sometimes it's just how mental illness manifests itself. Once I started doing something about my anxiety I started getting less panicky and instead started becoming more angry, but my therapist said I should look at it in a good way because it signifies a change, even though it's not the change I wanted but it's still a step for recovery. Have you tried meditation at all? It took a while for it to help me but once I got the hang of it it helped me accept my emotions and tell myself it's okay to feel how I feel and then you can observe your feelings as just feelings and not truth. I dont like being angry but it's natural and it's your body trying to tell you something and meditation teached you how to listen to it properly and go from there


thanks loeky, yes...I have not tried meditation really, but I used to meditate on the regular.


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