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A word of hope :)

I've been away for a while again, living life while coping with anxiety! But sometimes I come here and think that I should tell everyone a word to try to help, then I don't have the time to reply properly to posts and only come back much later... So, today, leaving you all a word :)

I'm 26 and I've had anxiety for years. In the first years I didn't even know what I had!! It's not easy, as you know one way or another, still I can tell you that as years go by I've been learning to live with it, and I've won many battles! Nowadays I'm doing so many things that I just couldn't do... Just as an example, at college I missed so many classes because I couldn't stand being there, still I did my college, I made friends, I got a job, then another... I couldn't use the underground, today there are days I no longer count the stations :) just examples!

Yes, sometimes I still have moments of going down, wondering when anxiety will leave me alone, if I'll be able to do this or that, sometimes I think about what it took away from me, I get tired of all the health symptoms that come and go...while other times I wonder if this was meant to be, I wonder if I didn't have this I could have something much worse... And yes, still it's a day to day effort, to deal with it!

So, the word of hope that I have for you, if you wonder if it's possible to get better, yes it it!! :) if you don't feel like smiling now you will...above all, you can! We'll not win all the battles but step by step we can get better.

One of the first and big lessons I learned with my counselor was that anxiety is something that we have, not something that we are! And that day she drew two circles I use to think of it as a hanging balloon that I have in my hand, it is still connected to me but sometimes I'm able to let the string take it higher (not so close to me) and I wonder and hope someday I'll be able to let it go :)

Big hugs to all, wishing you a great week with many little battles won! xxx

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Hey Anne:)

Welcome to the site:)

Just wanted to say what a nice positive post.

Keep doing what your doing:) x


Hi Anne

Thank you for posting & sharing how you have dealt with your anxiety

A lovely positive post & I am sure it will give hope to others that are struggling

I hope it long continues :-)





Hello Anne, good on you. You're sounding really positive and sure of yourself. You will let go of that anxiety balloon one day I'm sure. All the best for that day coming soon. X


hi Anne, thank you for sharing such a positive post. slow and steady wins the race! lovely to hear from you. :)


Hi Anne, a lovely post, thanks for sharing. It's difficult living with anxiety, but we all need it to a degree. Some days are more difficult than others, but the bad days, I step away from, relax and wait for the happiness and the true me to shine through.xx


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