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Relationship Anxiety

I'm a 67 year old retired man. In November of 2016, I reversed the direction my life had been going for the past 8 years and began reentering the world. In February, I met a woman and fell in love. That sounds like good news, but as our relationship has progressed, I have become consumed by anxiety. I have lost my ability to feel normal and it is threatening my relationship and making me think I am better off alone. I need to find ways to control it and eliminate it or my life will be miserable. I recently started taking Wellbutrin for depression which also underlies the anxiety. I am hoping this will also help the anxiety. I think I have been depressed for some time without really having recognized it but the anxiety is new and much harder to bear. I want to use natural means to help in dealing with it and am currently using Holy Basil tea and Kava drops both of which help. I plan to enter therapy but have not identified a therapist yet. In the meantime, I would appreciate any advice that might be offered.

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