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Rights for Sickness Anxiety disorder

hello all,

I have been suffering from anxiety/depression disorder for about 4 years now and its been really horrible the last year, i have been to a number of doctors and counselors and had a absolute load of time of work. im currently a assistant manager and very worried im going to lose my job over it all. Ive always had sick certificates from doctors do i have any rights if they try and get rid of me ?

thanks DC

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Absolutely, you do have rights. No employer can tell you to leave through mental illness that is discrimination. I unfortunately had a very cunning Manager who turned it around one day when I was feeling ill saying tell us how you feel ect...so of course I explained and during that time I got upset, she managed to get me to convince myself to leave. I was very unwell and didnt fight it so I do regret it now looking back. It's not like I wanted to stay as it/she caused me a lot of stress, but I was so angry after, that i didn't go for advice. If you want to carry on in your work then try to get some support from the occupational therapist if they have one. If not I guess reconsider your position. I do hope you can resolve this...im here to talk to ok.

Take care



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