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Terrible thoughts


Hi all.

I believe my anxiety stems from caring for my daughter and a fear of something bad happening to her and doing a good enough job of raising her in the eyes of her father and his family ( not together and she's not even known about...incredibly complicated). Initially my anxiety showed up at the begining of the year, just a pounding heart and feeling run down ( thought it was just a bug).

I keep having these terrible thoughts about my daughter being hurt ( both by accident and intentionally). They take over everything and I can't stop them. She's 2 and a half and I've only been like this ( aside from the usual protective parent stuff) since starting taking champix to stop smoking. I've not taken them for 3 weeks now and if anything it's gotten worse. Was just an odd thought before but now it's more like an episode of doubt and panic and worry and crying and thinking I'm crazy and going to hurt her and guilt and disgust for even thinking I could do anything to her ( I couldn't and wouldn't but that's not what my head it telling me).

Am I going completely mad? I'm afraid to talk to.anyone incase they take my daughter away from me.

Sorry if that doesn't make much sense, that's how my mind is working right now Thanks

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Remember is only a thought and u can change that thought and reach out for help to someone u trust

I am here on the forum tonight because of my fear of my son getting sick. Some time ago he started tilting his head to one side, I got him to stop by telling him to straighten it everytime he did it. Later he started rolling his eyes to one side of his face all the time. I was concerned that something was wrong but then his father said that there was nothing wrong and insisted that he stop doing it and he did. Recently he started the head tilt again and tonight my friend noticed it and she was worried that something was wrong with him and she called me and told me about it and although I know that both times before it was just something he had started, I am having trouble shaking the feeling that something might be wrong with him. So yes, I have crazy anxiety associated with my kid. And living alone does not help.

Hello! I am sorry that you are experiencing this situation. The same thing happend to me I was afriaid of hurting my friend and nephew. Before having these thoughts I was experiencing a difficult moment and felt alone. Next this thoughts were very scary and I even couldnt sleep at night next I said to my sister I need help I am going mad. I went to a psychotherapist and I talkd to her. She said to me that this is anxienty and panic attack you are not going mad. You will be able to manage it. What I advice you is to talk to a friend and ask for help to psychotherapist. I have a month that I started the CBT therapy and I feel better.

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