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Hi all , well where do I start? I've suffered with anxiety and depression for 22 years now. I've suffered with heart misbeats for many years now which really frightens me. I've had numerous ecg's in which all turn out fine. I just had a strange heart fluttering sensation which took my breath away which has started me panicking again. Any slight pain or strange feeling sets me off and I think I have something really wrong with me. I don't really go out that much as I get anxious in large crowds. Am I the only one that is this paranoid? Sometimes I just don't know how much longer I can go on like this . I don't work as I could not handle the thought of being around people for that length of time and I would probably get sacked for calling in sick all the time anyway. I am single and would really like to date but the thought scares me and I do think who would want to be with someone with my condition anyway?

I desperately would welcome any advice or techniques that anyone has tried as I feel so helpless at the moment and I just want to live my life not struggle through it every day

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