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Hello Everyone,

I have just joined this site and wanted to see if people are going through the same as me?

I'm 26 and have been living with my fiance for 4 months now. (Together for 2 years, engaged for 2months) He is amazing, supports me in everything i do or want to do, and i know he loves me.

I stay home all day with my dog as my fiance works and i havent found a job yet, i dont speak to anyone as i dont know anybody in this area. I moved quite away from my family and dont seen them that often as i dont drive.

For the last few days ive not been well, been to my gp and he said i may have the winter bug thats going round. Last night I felt very strange and began to panic when my fiance came home from work. I couldnt catch my breath and had millions of things running through my mind so quick that i cant even remember what they were. Now i cant seem to shake this feeling off its like I'm still me but i'm dreaming or something. I dont actually know what I'm worrying about. I havent really eaten as i don't fancy food. Which is unusual for me. I've been for a long walk with the dog hoping i'd perk up but no. I have really bad fears about dying (i had a gastric bypass last year and have been fine) or about someone close to me dying. I've lost a few people this year, which obviously I was really sad about but not really affected by it.

I have such bad concentration, and panic about the little things but I have no idea why?

I have booked an appointment with my GP which isnt until middle of January i can only assume this is because of the christmas period.

Other than that I have no clue what to do, i dont like feeling like this. I have amazing support from my boyfriend, parents etc and i know I'm loved. I just doubt it all.

Is anyone the same? Or am i experiencing anxiety? Or is it something else? Do kalms/rescue remedy help?

Sorry for the life story i just wanted to say as much as i could.

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Hi chloe. WELCOME TO THE SITE. What you have described is classic anxiety and everyone, but everyone on this site has had some or all of your symptoms. Whatever you may think you are not in any way unusual or different from any of us who suffer with this rotten complaint. This is an illness like any other and, like any other you can recover from it. If you had a broken leg would you be so worried? No! You would wait for it to heal just as you will wait for this to heal. Your gastric bypass took time, didn't it? Now you feel fine; just as you will as you recover from anxiety. In an anxiety state every feeling is exaggerated. The slightest upset seems like the end of the world. You are very lucky to have people around you who care. In nervous illness that means you are halfway home. You can try herbal remedies but your GP could prescribe something to get you over this particular hurdle. You should insist on seeing a doctor earlier than the middle of January. Yes, I do mean INSIST. They are there for you not the other way round! Someone with anxiety and sometimes agitation needs immediate treatment not weeks ahead. Sorry, I get a bit annoyed with these people. Change your GP if necessary but do not be put off. Threaten to report them to the local health board. Fear of dying is common in this illness. Normal (whatever that means) people feel this way but it is only a passing thought. We lot exaggerate it out of all proportion and get anxious and up tight thus creating more fear and more anxiety. The good old vicious circle. At 26 you have a full life ahead of you so try not to be too anxious. Just ACCEPT how you are at the moment. It WILL pass but you have to give it time. Good luck and blessings. jonathan.



THANK YOU! I now know I'm not alone, I will call my gp and insist I need to be seen ASAP. Now I know that others also experience this I can begin to understand what we are all going through and how I can help myself to get better.

Thank you very much



Aw bless you Chloe! No way are you alone and that is very important to know. I wish I had known that when I first experienced anxiety. I know you will recover love, welcome to our group. Do let us know how you get on and keep posting Love x Ella x


Thank you Ella, It never leaves me and there is constantly lots of things running round my mind but I can't even name one of those things. Have started to talk through with family & they have been supportive. Will call my gp Monday morning to see if I can be seen. I have even writing how I feel down as its the only thing I can concentrate on. Lack of food & sleep is really getting to me and that's constantly on my mind. Thank you so much for your message Hun I will keep u posted. Love Chloe x x


Hi Chloe, nooooo your'e deffo not alone luv, anxiety sufferers always have a million and one things running through their minds, my mind doesnt shut off, even when im asleep im always thinking and worrying. Im on medication 20 mg of fluoxetine since October, my anxiety has subsided a bit but i know its still there, i have to get my meds reviewed after xmas, it has been a roller coaster ride, but hopefully im getting better.

Welcome to this site hun its helped me enormously, im always on here ranting about what ever, and the best thing about it, i dont ever get judged because everyone is so understanding and caring.

I really hope you are feeling better, and never think you are alone anymore.


Lin x



Ive suffered with anxiety for 6 months now n its awful,so ur not on ur own,i worry about every little thing,i have been bad today,just keep feeling lightheaded and feel like im going to keel over,i feel like that all the time,i keep thinking im going to die,have u tried cbt? im on my 2nd session n its helping,ive tried a few meds from the docs but had bad side affects but that doesnt mean u will,i would try and get in the docs asap,just for reasurrance,that def helps xx


Ah bless you.Welcome to the group.What you are experiencing sounds like Anxiety and what you had was a panic attack.All the horrible terrifying symptoms are normal ,though I bet you think there is no one else who feels like you do.I have suffered Panic Attacks /Anxiety for over 35yrs.Had CBT which is fantastic.Just to try and help get you through till you see your Gp try Bachs Rescue spray. You have a couple of sprays on the tongue when you feel anxious.

Its not cheap at about £9 from Boots Pharmacy, but a lot cheaper than petrol used to keep racing back home whenever you feel anxious.Its very hard to believe that your not going to die or collapse when Panic starts but trust me all the symptoms are just your bodies clever way of taking over to look after you.Also I bet you feel strange as if something is going to happen constantly on the alert.Hope you feeling better soon and keep visiting the site for support There are famous people who suffer as well.And just for the record I have Panic Attacks really bad but I dont Panic in emergency situations at all

Good Luck x


I can't thank you all enough. I had abit of a hard day yesterday held a party for lots of people! Large crowds make me more anxious for some reason. I did get quite panicky at some stages. But managed to escape for a bit of a breather. Have been using rescue remedy drop which i find have been working well. Hopefully ill be in to see my GP this week going to call tomorrow fingers crossed. I love hearing about everyone's experiences with this illness as it helps me to understand & know that I'm not alone. So I'm truly greatful for all your lovely messages. Love Chlo x x


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