I'm losing my mind

I'm anxious about getting anxious. Has anyone else had their anxiety nit pick at their own relationship and make them think it's not worth it anymore? I'm driving myself insane. I can't sleep and I can't eat I'm having constant panic attacks. This is the worst my anxiety has gotten too. I need help and I can't access any. My therapist said she can't see me until 4th may but I already feel so weak and I can't carry on. This all started back up again after I suddenly lost my auntie in a freak accident. I can't. Eat this any longer someone please help


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  • So sorry about your aunt. I hope you feel better soon. Are you taking any medications?

  • No I was really scared about taking medication and thank thanks

  • You have to find something to relieve that anxiety. Can't be going around in fear. I was extremely scared to take medication too. I NEVER have taken any. But what happened to me was super scary and I was willing to try anything to get better for my kids. You can start off with a low dose and work your way up. If not try natural supplements, essential oils, aroma therapy, medication, yoga. And so on

  • I'm doing therapy but nothing seems to work anymore, I'm tired of it

  • Hi xanax is great as you only take it when needed . Good luck I'm hearing you .

  • Thank you will keep that in mind !

  • Sorry for your lose you can do this we are all hear for you on this site chin up say strong

  • Thank you :)

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