Losing my memory


I am terrified that my memory is going, like yesterday feels as if it was weeks ago, and I'm forgetting things and a bit off balance, I've been suffering with depersonalisation for about a week but I'm really terrified that this feeling is something much more serious because it's so horrible.

I don't know what to do I feel like I'm dying

If anyone could help me I'd really appreciate it x


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  • Hi there, try not to worry it will be anxiety, sometimes it can make you feel like you can't rationale or think straight or you forget things that are short term memories, it is part of the horrible side effects of it all, but it isn't a sign of anything worse and you will be ok lifegoeson96

  • Anxiety can cause time to feel off. It can also make you disassociate and feel depersonalized. I get these feelings all the time. Anxiety can make you feel like you have all sorts of problems. It has made me feel like I have tons of problems that I don't really have. It's really hard but you have to try to remember that it's just the anxiety talking when you feel that way. Stay strong! You are not alone! My ears are always open if you want someone to talk to!

  • I get the same thing. I can't remember anything ! Head feels cloudy. Sucks 😞

  • Same here I would also make the mistake of googling my symptoms! Not a good idea! Lol

  • I have been suffering from that hell for over 9 weeks and let me tell you it does get better. Slowly but shorty. You have to give it time and ignore. I am not cured but it sure it better than 9 weeks ago when I couldn't even get out of bed. Also I started supplemts that have been helping. Google vitamins that help Dp/dr

  • Okay thank you that makes me feel a bit better! What supplements do you take?

  • I drink a bunch but if you google recovery stories you see that magnesium is a main one. I'm going to mail you a story.

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