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Can this really be anexity


Can this all really anxiety does anybody get a hollow feeling in chest like there Is no air in your body I don't have pulpatations just the occasional flutter and I don't have any chest pain just the odd pang. I suffer from very bad derealization at the moment and I'm currently in Day 4 off Prozac. I had a ecg done about 2 weeks ago and heart was fine but I think now I've started new meds that can change and make my heart bad :( sorry to keep posting just can't seem to see anyone who gets hollow chest

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Tinker, I know how scary this can seem. I went through it every day for almost 2 years some days worse than others. The best thing I did fir myself was accept it's just anxiety. The constant second guessing is quite literally, fueling the cycle. I would lie in bed with my heart pounding in my ears. It's not forever. Do things that bring you joy, spend time with friends and family, set some short term goals and you'll see I'm time it just floats away.

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